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How to Register for Office 365

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 - Register Your Email

Student email address in form field

How to access Zonemail instructions.

Step 2 - Select Your Affiliation

Select Student

Next: You will be asked "Are you a student or a teacher?"

  • Select "I'm a student".

Check your email for the registration link

Once you have selected "I'm a student", a message will inform you to check your student email for a link to complete the Office 365 registration process.

Step 3 - Check Your Email for the Registration Link

Registration Email

Step 4 - Create a Password for Your Office 365 Account

Registration Form and Password

After clicking the "Yes, that's me" button found in your email, you will be taking to a registration form.

  • Fill in your first and last name.

  • Create your Office 365 account password.

  • Enter your date of birth.

  • Then, click the "Start" link at the bottom of the registration form.

  • The Office 365 registration process is now complete.

Step 5 - Install Office 365

Install page for Microsoft Office 365

Once you have completed the Office 365 registration process you can then log into your Office 365 home page.

  • Click "Install now" to begin the installation process.