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Name Title Classification Phone
Schulz, Nancy Health & Wellness Center Contract 925.424.1830
Schwarz, Michael Counselor, Transfer Full time Faculty 925.424.1428
Scott, Carolyn Executive Assistant, Vice President of Academic Services Classified 925.424.1104
Scott-Summers, Diane Interim, Vice President of Student Services Administrator 925.424.1405
Shipman, Vicki Career Technical Education Project Manager Administrator 925.424.1355
Shuldman, Michal Biological Sciences Full time Faculty 925.424.1309
Shumaker, Suann Economics Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2928
Singh, Bhairav Math Full time Faculty 925.424.1347
Smalley, Steve M & O - Maintenance Classified 925.424.1760
Smigelski, Joseph English Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2322
Smith, Katie Instructional Assistant, English Center Classified 925.424.1000
Smithson, Jayne Anthropology Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2265
Soles, Jim M & O - Manager, Maintenance Administrator 925.424.1765
Spirn, Karin English Full time Faculty 925.424.1219
Staedel, Diane Kinesiology Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2118
Steffan, Todd Veterans First Coordinator Classified 925.424.1571
Stein, Julie Business Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2426
Steinberg, Michael History Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2929
Stevens, Debra English Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2140
Steward, Gena Administration of Justice Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2172
Stewart, Mark Custodial Classified 925.424.1793
Stinn, Todd Welding Technology Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2950
Stokke, Patricia Business Full time Faculty 925.424.1229
Strode, Frank Math Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2277
Suarez, Catherine Spanish Full time Faculty 925.424.1212

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