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Name Title Classification Phone
Stokke, Patricia Business Full time Faculty 925.424.1229
Strode, Frank Math Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2277
Suarez, Catherine Spanish Full time Faculty 925.424.1212
Sugi, Michael Campus Safety Officer Classified 925.424.1690
Swanson-Garoupa, Meghan English Faculty 925.424.1249
Sydlaske, Robert English Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2084
Symmank, Beverly Chemistry Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2458
Tarte, Mark Administration of Justice Full time Faculty 925.424.1197
Taylor, Nadiyah Early Childhood Development Full time Faculty 925.424.1175
Taylor, Randy Math Full time Faculty 925.424.1311
Thompson, Sarah Sociology Full time Faculty 925.424.1261
Thompson, Terrance Workability Developer Classified 925.424.1539
Thompson, II, Marcus Mass Communications Adjunct Faculty/ Classified 925.424.1240
Thornburg, Julie Executive Assistant, Vice President of Student Services Classified 925.424.1406
Tomlinson, Kimberly Cal Works/ Religious Studies Full time Faculty 925.424.1432
Torres, John Fire Service Technology Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2612
Torres, Paul Political Science Full time Faculty 925.424.1293
Trombly-Christen, Christine English as a Second Language Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2590
Trummel, Pauline Tutorial Learning Center Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1471
Tsubamoto, Virginia Early Childhood Development Specialist Classified 925.424.1561
Tsubota, Jin Mass Communication Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2589
Tyler, Stephanie Math Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2702
Ulrech, Heidi Telecommunications Coordinator Classified 925.424.1640
Valle, Daysi Student Services Specialist/Financial Aid Classified 925.424.1581
Valle, Rafael Counselor Full time Faculty 925.424.1414

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