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Name Title Classification Phone
Gomez, Kent Counselor Full time Faculty 925.424.1485
Gonzales, Michelle English Full time Faculty 925.424.1218
Gouveia, Keith Political Science Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2988
Graham, Jennie Math Full time Faculty 925.424.1328
Gravino, Leslie Workbased Learning Coordinator Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1876
Gray, Charles English as a Second Language Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2932
Gregg, Michael Astronomy Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2108
Grooms, Mark Business Full time Faculty 925.424.1228
Grow, Richard Chemistry Full time Faculty 925.424.1341
Gunderson, Steve Senior Instructional Network Systems Specialist Classified 925.424.1674
Guthrie, Linda Early Childhood Development Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2267
Hagopian, Brian Automotive Technology Full time Faculty 925.424.1171
Halatsis, Jessica Textbook Manager, Bookstore Contract 925.424.1817
Hall, Laura Nutrition Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2392
Halleck, Michael Custodian Classified 925.424.1793
Hanna, Ruth Geology Full time Faculty 925.424.1319
Hannon, Willard Math Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2652
Hansen, Jessica English Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2102
Hargiss, Mary Senior Administrative Assistant Classified 925.424.1274
Harpell, Eric Astronomy, Physics Full time Faculty 925.424.1379
Harris, Kathy Instructional Assistant, English Center Classified 925.424.1000 x0
Hart, LaVaughn Computer Information Systems Full time Faculty 925.424.1194
Harter, Bruce Administration of Justice Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2407
Hartmann, Jeanette Computer Information Systems Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2186
Hasselbrink, Alexandra Administrative Assistant II - Foundation Classified 925.424.1014

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