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Name Title Classification Phone
Hasten, L.W. Anthropology Full time Faculty 925.424.1210
Hasty, Joseph Geography Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2579
Heisler, Tim Speech Full time Faculty 925.424.1147
Helstrom, Zel Health Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2752
Henson, Teresa Math Full time Faculty 925.424.1349
Hersch, Tonya Ann English Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2226
Higdon, Nolan History Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2327
High, Aleisa (Lisa) Fiscal and Administrative Services Technician Classified 925.424.1633
Hight, Ann Biological Sciences Full time Faculty 925.424.1307
Hildebrand, Constance (Connie) Receptionist, Special Student Services Classified 925.424.1510
Hinerman, Stephen Philosophy Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2409
Hiraki, Susan Psychology-Counseling Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2596
Hirose, Akihiko Sociology Full time Faculty 925.424.1259
Ho, Nan Dean of Math, Science, Engineering & Public Safety Administrator 925.424.1182
Hoang, Trang Math Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2192
Hogan, John Visual Communications Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2305
Hogue, Terry Health/ EMS Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2046
Holleman, Robert M & O - Maintenance Classified 925.424.1760
Hopkins, Elizabeth Health Full time Faculty 925.424.1258
Hornbaker, Christine Theater Arts - Stage Technician Mertes Center Classified 925.424.1122
Hornbeck, Jill Interior Design Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2753
Horvath, Deanna Photography Full time Faculty 925.424.1206
Howard, Jared Counselor Full time Faculty 925.424.1400
Howe, Nolan Bookstore Manager Contract 925.424.1816
Howell, Pamela Art History Adjunct Faculty 925.424.1000 x2889

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