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Name Title Classification Phone
Kim, Chang SikVisual CommunicationsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2967
Kim, KimberlyInstructional Assistant, English CenterClassified Hourly1000
Kim, Moon-JuBiological SciencesAdjunct Faculty1000 x2354
King, SuzanneChemistryAdjunct Faculty1000 x2188
Klaschus, Candace HumanitiesFull time Faculty1266
Kleinschmidt, DianaLibrary TechnicianClassified1153
Komanetsky, William (Bill)Computer ScienceAdjunct Faculty925-424-1196
Kopay, CareyPharmacy TechContract1000 x2330
Korber, MelissaMass Communications/EnglishFull time Faculty1286
Kordes, TimFire Service TechnologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2315
Krause, DerekKinesiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2785
Kruger, KellyBiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2905
Kutil, CraigMathFull time Faculty1346
LaBrincha, JulieSpeechAdjunct Faculty1000 x2898
LaChappelle, RobertGeologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2204
Lacques-Aranda, MadelineEnglish as a Second LanguageAdjunct Faculty1000 x2719
Lang, NatashaCollege Administrative Services OfficerClassified1634
Lappa, RobertMusicAdjunct Faculty1000 x2045
Lauffer, MaryBusinessAdjunct Faculty1000 x2607
Laurella, MariettaCustodianClassified1793
Law, Ed.D., Amir Dean of Business, Health, Athletics & Work ExperienceAdministrator1275
Lawes, JeffAdmissions and Records AssistantClassified1553
Leahy, StevenCampus Safety OfficerClassified Hourly1690
Lederer, RayBusinessAdjunct Faculty1000 x2349
Lee, ChristinaCounselorFull time Faculty1484