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Name Title Classification Phone
Mascaro, JodiEarly Childhood Development SpecialistClassified1566
Matosian, Tanil (Tan)Occupational Safety and HealthAdjunct Faculty1000 x2262
McCann, AbbyEnglishAdjunct Faculty1000 x2214
McConnell, StevenOccupational Safety and HealthAdjunct Faculty1000 x2427
McCoy, JaneHistoryFull time Faculty1237
McDonald, AndrewBusinessAdjunct Faculty1000 x2333
McElderry, StuartHistoryFull time Faculty1298
McGurk, JuliaEnglish as a Second LanguageFull time Faculty1215
McHale, AshleyMathematicsFull time Faculty1351
McMichael, HeidiiEnglishAdjunct Faculty1000 x2229
McQuiston, MichaelAdminstration of JusticeAdjunct Faculty1000 x2732
Meehan, JamesAdminstration of JusticeAdjunct Faculty1000 x2387
Melendez, RalphMathAdjunct Faculty1000 x2109
Migliaccio, AndreaAcademic Services SpecialistClassified1108
Milanese, LindaEnglishAdjunct Faculty1000 x2264
Miller, DonDean of Arts & HumanitiesAdministrator1382
Miner, ScottWelding Technology/ Student Life DirectorFull time Faculty1134/ 424-1494
Mohebi, MehdradMathAdjunct Faculty1000 x2080
Molteni, MariaItalianAdjunct Faculty1000 x2190
Montalvo, DebbieWorkabilityContract1507
Moore, KatherineBiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2443
Moore, Sheri Executive Assistant, VP of Administrative ServicesClassified1631
Moorhead, JaneHealth/ EMSAdjunct Faculty1000 x2450
Morgan, ClarenceKinesiology, coach, women's basketballAdjunct Faculty1000 x2312
Morgan, PaulGeographyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2843