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Name Title Classification Phone
Ong, DennisPharmacy TechContract1000 x2247
Orf, ThomasGeographyFull time Faculty1304
Ott, JamesEnglishFull time Faculty1234
Owens, ArthurCampus Safety OfficerClassified1690
Owens, ElizabethMathFull time Faculty1326
Owyoung, BrianCounselor, DSPSFull time Faculty1520
Ozment, David (Cord)M & O - Grounds, SupervisorClassified1791
Pabley, VickiEnglish as a Second LanguageAdjunct Faculty1000 x2933
Payne, LeslieEnglish as a Second LanguageAdjunct Faculty1000 x2114
Pena-Bradford, MariaAdministrative AssistantClassified1543
Pentcheva, CaterinaComputer Information SystemsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2487
Petersen, DeborahBiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2235
Peterson, DavidBiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2189
Peterson, Martha AccompanistClassified Hourly1000
Peterson, MichaelMathFull time Faculty1327
Peterson, Traci Early Childhood DevelopmentAdjunct Faculty1000 x2400
Pettis, KellyTest Facilitator, DSPSClassified Hourly1523
Pezzaglia, WilliamPhysicsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2175
Phalen, CaitlinSpeechAdjunct Faculty1000
Pimental, Joe CustodialClassified1793
Pinto, VicenzoMathAdjunct Faculty1000 x2270
Podevyn, JoyceEnglish as a Second LanguageAdjunct Faculty1000 x2747
Polokoff, RobinNutritionAdjunct Faculty1000 x2171
Ponciano, GriselBiological SciencesAdjunct Faculty1000 x2375
Porrata, RodinPhysicsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2628