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Name Title Classification Phone
Wong, SebastianHealth/ EMSAdjunct Faculty1000 x2046
Woods, KristineMathFull time Faculty1329
Woolery, JeannineAccompanistOn Call1000 x0
Xiezopolski, IvonaEnglish as a Second LanguageAdjunct Faculty1000 x2036
Yamasaki, CarlGroundsClassified1795
Yap, EricBusinessAdjunct Faculty1000 x2917
Yashar, BijanVisual CommunicationsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2022
Yoon, JunKinesiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2517
Young, Robert (Bob)Health/ EMSAdjunct Faculty1000 x2135
Zapata, MichelleCounselor/InstructorFull time Faculty1487
Zavarin, MavrikChemistryAdjunct Faculty1000 x2385
Zeigler, KarenDSPS Multi MediaClassified1524
Zimmerman, FredMusicAdjunct Faculty1000 x2626
Zingg, BarbaraBiologyFull time Faculty1387