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Name Title Classification Phone
Cuellar, CarmenAnthropologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2437
Danner, FrankieSecurity ClerkClassified1693
Danner, TerriTest Facilitator, DSPSClassified1523
Daoud, MohComputer Information SystemsFull time Faculty1195
Darck, JeffMathAdjunct Faculty1000 x2592
Daubenmire, GregoryMathFull time Faculty1385
Davidson, SharonCollege Administrative AssistantClassified1632
Davis, KaliLibrarianFull time Faculty1155
Day, SeanInternational Student SpecialistClassified1540
Dazhan, Joseph (Joe)Campus Safety OfficerClassified1690
De La Cruz, AndresComputer/Network Support SpecialistClassified1628
De Mange, PaulMathAdjunct Faculty1000 x2347
De Nisco, FrancesCommunity Education Staff AssistantClassified1467
Denyer, WilliamBusinessAdjunct Faculty1000 x2150
Devine, LaurenVisual CommunicationsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2355
Devine, TimothyMusicAdjunct Faculty1000 x2930
Dignon, JaneGeographyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2170
Discua, GabrielaCounselorFull time Faculty1486
Do Amor, SissiKinesiologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2943
Dobson, JamesSpeechFull time Faculty1189
Doerr, RobertPsychologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2884
Dolan, CherylBiological SciencesAdjunct Faculty1000 x2386
Donat, TeresaComputer Information SystemsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2360
Dorr, DianeComputer Information SystemsAdjunct Faculty1000 x2037
Dorsett, SandraBusinessAdjunct Faculty1000 x2362