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Name Title Classification Phone
Druley, TimothyWebmasterClassified1658
Drummond, SallySpeechAdjunct Faculty1000 x2232
Dry, RichardLanguage ArtsFull time Faculty1257
Duarte, KatieFront Office AssistantContract1830
Dubord, TheresaCampus Safety OfficerClassified1690
Duchscherer, RichM & O - Manager, CustodialAdministrator1766
Duffy, DianneInstructional Assistant, MathClassified Hourly1000 x0
Dunbar, RichardItalianAdjunct Faculty1000 x2325
Dunlap, KarenChemistryAdjunct Faculty1000 x2393
Duran, LisaEnglishAdjunct Faculty1000 x2862
Eagan, Catherine EnglishFull time Faculty1272
Earl-Novell, SarahSociologyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2274
Earney, DebbieAdmissions & Records AssistantClassified1554
Eberle, ChrisHealth/ EMSAdjunct Faculty1000 x2290
Eddy, William Athletics Assistant, Equipment TechnicianClassified1282
Edson, CarolGeology Lab TechnicianClassified1336
Edwards, LucyMathAdjunct Faculty1000 x2038
Edwards, VirginiaLibrary AssistantClassified1154
Eigen, KathrynHistoryAdjunct Faculty1000 x2394
Ellingsworth, ChadEnglishAdjunct Faculty1000 x2268
Epps, JenniferGeographyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2224
Espinoza, Ivette (Stephanie)EnglishAdjunct Faculty1000 x2350
Everett, DavidViticulture and Winery TechnologyFull time Faculty1343
Everett, LisaDean of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Public SafetyAdministrator1182
Fairweather, AbrolHumanities/ PhilosophyAdjunct Faculty1000 x2806