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Transition To College

Thank you for your interest in attending Las Positas College in Fall 2013.  The transition from high school to college has many components between the application to the college and actual enrollment in courses.  Accessing student support services in college adds an additional layer to the preparation process.  The most notable aspect of this process involves a major shift from school initiated procedures to student initiated.  Students are responsible for seeking out and requesting services.

 The Disability Resource Center at Las Positas has developed guidelines that will enable you to receive assessment and counseling services in time to register for Fall 3013 as part of the Early Admissions Program. The registration date for early Admit students is May 11th.  While that may seem far away, success is often a result of properly laid groundwork.  The timing has been set in order to take advantage of the Early Admissions Program available to all seniors and allow time to complete the following steps:


Getting Started

Step 1

Complete Application for Las Positas College

The Early Admission application becomes available on February 1, 2012 and should be submitted by February 28th. Early Admission establishes the student’s intent to enroll at Las Positas once they have completed high school. Be sure to indicate Early Admission Student on the last page of the application.


Step 2

Provide High School Transcripts

Transcripts are required to verify high school enrollment.

Step 3

Complete Intake Packet for Disability Resources

This will serve as the request for services from the Disability Resource Center. It is an extensive questionaire that provides us with a thorough understnading of your disability and academic history. Not all questions will apply but do provide as much information as you can.

Request an intake packet by contacting Connie Hildebrand at:



Step 4


Provide Documentation

    Eligibility for services is dependent on the verification of a disability. Verification must be provided by a qualified professional.


Assessment & Orientation

Step 5

Attend an Assessment Session

All new students are required to take English and Math placement tests to determine the appropriate level courses.  These are not pass/fail nor do they determine admission into the college.  Early Admission students may have the option of completing the English/math assessment at their high school. See the Assessment Center Website for days and times and to make an assessment appointment.


Step 6

Attend DSPS Orientation Classes

This is an important component of the transition process.  Orientation involves a series of meetings that prepare students for the college environment. Topics include:

1) General college orientation

2) Differences between High School and College

3) Identification of appropriate accommodations

4) How to use the Disability Resource Center at Las Positas to support you.

5) Class selection/ Registration preparation


The classes will take place on the following days and times:

Tuesdays:  April 9, 16, 23, 30           4:00 – 6:00 PM              


Thursdays: April 11, 18, 25,  May 1   5:00-7:00

Please let us know if you will be attending the Tuesday or Thursday classes by emailing childebrand@laspositascollege.edu.  Attendance is required for all four dates.




Step 7

Register for Classes

Early Admission Students will have the opportunity to register before other new students.  This is a small window of opportunity so be sure to register on the established date:  May 11th 2012



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Disability Resource Center

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Page last modified: January 20, 2016