Early Admission Program

Early Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

I want to take classes in Fall 2018, do I submitted another application for Fall 2018? Or will my Summer 2018 application also work for Fall 2018 classes? In other words, do I need to submit another application?

No. As long as 1) you applied during the posted application period, and 2) you made sure to mark “Yes” for Early Admission on your application. Your Summer 2018 application allows you to register for Fall 2018 classes.

I applied as a concurrent enrollment student during my junior or senior year in high school. Do I still need to submit another application for the Early Admission Program?

Yes! You must submit a new application during the application period and to mark “Yes” for Early Admission on your application to be part of Early Admission Program. We do not carry over any previous application.

Do I need to disclose my email account to be part of the Early Admission Program?

Yes! We will be sending you important follow up information to your email address regarding Early Admission Program so it is critical that you provide a current email.

I have AP exam scores (3 or above) for English and/or Math. Do I still need to complete the English & Math assessments?

No, you do not. Read the "Early Admission program instructions" pdf file, specifically Steps 3 and 3.1, regarding how to receive credit for your AP exam(s) so that you do not need to take the corresponding English and/or math assessment.

I received a Level 4 on my CAASPP assessments in English language arts/literacy and/or in mathematics in my junior year of high school. Do I still need to complete the corresponding English and/or math assessments?

No, you do not. Read the "Early Admission program instructions" pdf file, specifically Steps 3 and 3.1, regarding how to receive credit for your Level 4 on your CAASPP assessments so that you do not need to take the corresponding English and/or math assessment.

What tests are given and why do I need to take them?

Las Positas College requires all new students to take English, Mathematics, (and Chemistry 1A, if applicable) placement tests to identify their skill level for appropriate class placement and academic success. The SAT or ACT tests are not required for admission to Las Positas College.

What classes do I need to take in college?

Required classes vary depending upon a student’s educational goals. College differs from high school in that there are numerous options for students, e.g., earning an Associates Degree, transferring to a four-year institution, learning skills to enter the job market, attending full or part-time, etc. Each of these options has unique requirements, and each student will be required to consider his or her goals and obtain information about the requirements which lead to the desired goals.

What do I do if I haven't decided exactly why I'm going to college or what my goals are?

This is normal for many high school graduates. The best thing to do is to become well informed about what college has to offer you:

  • read the college catalog and Schedule of Classes
  • ask questions
  • talk to other students, your parents, and high school teachers
  • use the Career Center information
  • make appointments with counselors

At Las Positas College, we offer classes to help students learn about college, the world of work, and themselves. You can take Psychology-Counseling 15, Study Skills, Psychology-Counseling 10, Career and Educational Planning, and/or Psychology Counseling 30, Student Success and College Experience.

For your first semester in college, we suggest you choose classes that will ensure your success. These could be classes that are of interest to you or that you enjoyed in high school. Other suggestions for beginning classes:

  • A class that meets general education requirements. The information you will receive at the Group Program Planning Session will list these requirements, such as English and Mathematics.
  • A typing or computer class to develop skills for your other classes.

Remember! Each college student is unique. You need to choose classes that fit your educational/career plans. This process of researching and choosing is an important part of going to college.

How many classes or college units should I take during my first semester?

This will depend on you. You need to ask yourself:

  • Am I going to college and working too?
  • What kind of student am I?
  • Will it take me longer to complete college assignments?
  • Will my other responsibilities, social activities, etc. take more of my time?

In planning your time, you need to keep this in mind: for every hour in class, plan to study two hours outside of class. A full-time student (12-15 units) would have 12-15 hours in class each week plus 24-30 hours of study for a total of 36-45 hours of school work each week. That is like a full-time job. You have only 168 hours per week, so plan the number of classes accordingly. It is best to take fewer classes your first semester.

Can I take classes at Las Positas College and Chabot College?

Yes. You may take your classes at either or both campuses: at Las Positas or Chabot, day or evening or Saturday, part-time or full-time...whatever best fits your schedule.

Why do I need to meet with a counselor?

Your counselor is the person who can help you understand the procedures of college, the requirements needed to meet your goals and how to be successful in school. Bring your ideas, and the Las Positas College Catalog, or the Schedule of Classes with you to the Group Program Planning Session. Remember: in college you choose your classes to fit your unique plans. Your counselor is available to assist you in your decision-making.

I didn’t provide a Social Security Number on my application so I cannot access CLASS-Web (since I don’t know my W ID number). How can I find out my W number?

You must come in person to the Office of Admissions and Records in Building 1600 and bring a valid photo ID card. The Admissions & Records staff member will inform you of your W number.

I’m locked out of my CLASS-Web account! I got an error message: "Your Web Access has been disabled"

For security reasons, if you enter your PIN incorrectly 5 consecutive times in one session, your PIN will be disabled. You will need to contact the Office of Admissions and Records in order to have your PIN reinstated. You may call Las Positas College at (925) 424-1500 or go to Building 1600, Rm 1670.

Why doesn't my User ID & PIN work for CLASS-Web? I get an error message: Invalid User ID or PIN

This error message means that the combination of the User ID and PIN does not match any records in our database. Either you have incorrectly entered one or both of the numbers, or your application for admission has not yet been entered into our system. If you have recently applied for admission, wait 24 hours for your application to be processed and try again. Otherwise, please verify your information and try again. If you continue to be unsuccessful, contact the Office of Admissions and Records for assistance. You may call Las Positas College at (925) 424-1500 or go to Building 1600, Rm 1670.

In my CLASS-Web account, on the Main Menu screen, after it states “Welcome [my name] to the CLASS-Web Information System” it shows the information below:
"Your priority number has not been assigned. You may register on or after April 28". Should I be concerned about this?

That’s the information you want to see! You are a new student to LPC so you do NOT yet have a priority number. You will be assigned a priority number in November 2018 (when you are a continuing LPC student).
Since you are part of the Early Admission Program and after you complete all 3 components (online orientation, assessment, group session for student education plan) you want your registration date to be April 28. It is stating that you can register for classes STARTING on April 28 and thereafter.
The only reason for alarm would be if the date is something LATER than May April 28. This means that you are not part of the Early Admission Program. You must go to the Office of Admissions and Records in Building 1600 for assistance.

How can I get involved with student activities at Las Positas College?

Las Positas College has many athletic events, student groups, clubs, social events, and a student lounge/center where students enjoy meeting. At the Club Day held each semester, students present their clubs and activities and you get a chance to join in and meet new friends.

Who can I talk to if I am confused or need information?

The staff in the Counseling Center and Student Support Services (Building 1600) are here to help. You will find information on careers, college majors, other colleges, and you can make appointments with counselors in the Counseling Center at 925.424.1422. Information on financial aid, scholarships, and student support services (Disabled Student programs, Learning Disabilities programs, etc.) is available at 925.424.1510.

What happens after I apply for Early Admission?

You will receive an Acceptance email from Admissions and Records confirming your status as an Early Admission student. Then, you need to complete the new student online orientation. Important: You must login with your "W" number (student ID number) and pass the final quiz to receive credit for this orientation. After completing the online orientation, you will take the English and Math (and for some, Chemistry) before registering for your classes. Go to the Assessment Center website for times and dates. After you've completed your assessment, you will schedule an appointment to attend a Group Session, where an LPC counselor will help you choose your first semester classes based on your assessment results and interests. You will then register for classes online via CLASS-Web on April 28 2018, starting at 7am.

What other classes will I need in college?

During your program planning session, counselors will explain some of the most common questions students have including "What other classes will I need?" The answer will depend on your educational goal: associate degree, certificate, or transfer. During your first semester you are encouraged to make an additional appointment with a counselor to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) with you. Please indicate this when making your appointment. An SEP will help you choose the correct classes for your future semesters.

What if I don't have a major?

Most students are undecided about their major when they come to community college. All of our counselors are career counselors who are more than happy to help you figure out your future goals. There are also classes available such as PSCN 10 - Career and Educational Planning, to assist you. Further information is available in software form in our Career and Transfer Center in Bldg 1600, Rm 1604.

When can I meet with a counselor?

Graduating seniors who completed their online application to LPC are strongly encouraged to complete their online orientation and English/Math assessment prior to attending a Group Program Planning Session. If you still have further questions after attending the group program planning session, you can then meet with a counselor, for a drop-in visit (about 10-15 minutes). The counseling office hours are posted on our website (click here). Our counselors are professionals trained in academic, personal, and career counseling. We also have counselors who speak Spanish and Korean. The LPC Counseling faculty welcome you and look forward to meeting you.


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