Career Decision Process

Steps to Career Planning:

Self-Assessment: Know yourself

Honestly think about past jobs, volunteer experiences, your dream jobs. Now ask yourself the following questions and actually write answers or begin a list.

  • What are your interest?
  • What are your aptitudes and skills?
  • What are your academic abilities?
  • What are your personal values and ethics?
  • What are your work values?
  • What are your aptitudes and skills?
  • What are your transferable skills?
  • What are your personality traits?
  • What are your lifestyle preferences?
  • How motivated are you to change? relocate? learn new things?
  • Riley Guide - Free online assessments and tests
  • Careerlink Inventory assessment


Matching yourself with the world of work requires some research:

  1. To find the "fit" to your self-assessment use Libraries, College Career Centers and One-Stop Centers
  2. Read the paper for professional groups that meet - Call Chambers for information
  3. Subscribe to a professional magazine, read the newspaper
  4. Begin to "target" specific companies or geographical areas for your field (s) of interest
  5. Use the internet: Labor Market Information - Occupational Outlook - Salary information
  6. Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Focus on appropriate coursework - adult education course, college certificates, web classes
  • Get involved in clubs and professional groups related to your field of interest to develop a network
  • Volunteer
  • Do informational interviews, try job shadowing

Job Search Strategy

  1. Identify the best method for your field - web page, networking, job fairs.
  2. Design a professional resume and cover letter.
  3. Network! Prepare a sixty-second marketing statement that includes what you are looking for and what you have to offer an employer.
  4. First impressions still count, think about your appearance and body language
  5. Follow through on your contacts, as common courtesies can make a big impression
  6. Find a life balance of work and leisure, keep learning, stay current on trends/laws impacting career areas
  7. Live within your budget
  8. How to conduct your job search (Link courtesy of CSUEB Job and Internship Search)

Please call or visit the Tri Valley One Stop for assistance with job searches. LPC students and the public are welcome. The center is a community resource center that offers resources and services in support of employers and all job seekers at no cost.

Tri-Valley One-Stop Career Center

Main Office: 6300 Village Pkwy, Suite 100, Dublin, CA

Dublin Phone:(925) 560 9431

Satellite Office: Las Positas College, Transfer/Career Center, Room 1604-C

LPC Phone: (925)424-1826

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Page last modified: March 23, 2016