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The Disabled Student Services office (Bldg. 1600) offers employment services and support for students with disabilities. More information on our Las Positas program and our partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation can be obtained by contacting Terrance Thompson, WAIII Job Developer at 925-424-1539.

Please call or visit the Tri Valley One Stop for assistance with job searches. LPC students and the public are welcome. The center is a community resource center that offers resources and services in support of employers and all job seekers at no cost.

Tri-Valley One-Stop Career Center

Main Office: 6300 Village Pkwy, Suite 100, Dublin, CA

Dublin Phone:(925) 560 9431

Satellite Office: Las Positas College, Transfer/Career Center, Room 1604-C

LPC Phone: (925)424-1826

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Page last modified: March 23, 2016