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Program Requirements:

Freshman Year*


English 1A (Critical Reading and Composition) 3 units
Select one of the following courses:
English 3 (Composition and Analysis of Literature)  3 units
English 4 (Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature)      3 units
English 45 (Studies in Fiction)          3 units
General Education Courses:  
English Composition (Language and Rationality)**  
Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Natural Sciences  
Wellness (Health and Physical Education)  

Sophomore Year*


English 7 (Critical Thinking and Writing across Disciplines)  3 units
English 20 (Studies in Shakespeare) 3 units
Electives***    6 units total
General Education Courses:  
American Cultures:  
American Institutions  
Communications and Analytical Thinking  
Wellness (Health and Physical Education)  


Total Units Required: 60 units


*The freshman and sophomore courses are given in a suggested order, but students may change the order according to their schedules.  The one exception is English 1A; it is a prerequisite for all the English courses required for the major, so it will have to be taken first.  Students who must first take basic skills English (100A/100B or 104) before gaining entrance into English 1A can begin their course of study with English courses that have only English 100B or 104 as “strongly recommended,” by permission of the instructor, or with elective courses outside of English.


**The English Composition requirement will be fulfilled by the required courses for the major.                                        

*** Electives                                              

Select from the courses below for a minimum of 6 units

(courses may not count as both a requirement and an elective)

English 3 (Composition and Analysis of Literature)       3 units
English 4 (Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature) 3 units
English 11 (Introduction to Creative Writing) 3 units
English 12 (The Craft of Writing Fiction 3 units
English 13 (The Craft of Writing Poetry)  3 units
English 19 (Literary Magazine Workshop)     2 units
English 32 (U.S. Women’s Literature)  3 units
English 44 (Literature of the American West)   3 units
ESL 24 (Advanced Reading and Composition)     5 units 
ESL 25 (Advanced Reading and Composition) 5 units
ESL 26 (Advanced Editing)  3 units
Humanities 1 (Philosophy, the Sciences, Epic Poetry) 3 units
Humanities 28 (Classic Myths) 3 units
Humanities 35 (Greek Tragedy)  3 units
Mass Communications 1 (Journalism: Newswriting and Information Gathering) 3 units
Mass Communications 2 (Journalism: Investigative News Writing) 3 units
Mass Communications 3 (Journalism: Magazine and Newspaper Feature Writing) 3 units
Speech 2A (Oral Interpretation of Literature I) 3 units
Speech 2B (Oral Interpretation of Literature II) 3 units
Speech 5 (Readers Theater) 3 units
Theater Arts 4 (American Cultures in Theater) 3 units
Theater Arts 10 (Introduction to Dramatic Arts) 3 units
Theater Arts 11 (Stage to Film) 3 units
Theater Arts 12 (Film as Art and Communication) 3 units
Theater Arts 14 (Bay Area Theater) 3 units


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