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LPC: Gymnasium

The Physical Education Complex is a state-of-the-art athletic facility with instructional and exercise areas, an indoor track, locker rooms, team rooms, two Fitness Centers, and an athletic training room. The Las Positas College Gym, affectionately known as "The Nest," is the home court for the Men's and Women's Basketball teams.



  • Total square footage:  9,981

  • Basketball courts:  2 full basketball courts or 6 baskets

  • Volleyball:  up to 3 nets; nets adjustable

  • Badminton:  up to 6 courts

  • 2 separate score boards

  • 1 referee stand

  • Wifi, speakers, portable stereo

  • 2 sets of bleachers; each bleacher seats up to 600 and takes up 2,244 square feet with remaining floor space at 5,493 square feet

  • Entrance to bleachers from 1st and 2nd floor

  • Elevator access to 2nd floor of Athletic Building

  • Snack Bar/Ticket Booth available on 1st floor.

Gym 1

Gym 5


Gym 2

Gym 6

Gym 3

Gym 7

Gym 8

Gym 9


Gym 4

Indoor Running Track (2nd Floor)


Facilities Use

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