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If you have questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
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    AwardSpring LPC Scholarships


LPC is now using AwardSpring, an online scholarship program, to help improve the scholarship application process.

To begin your scholarship application, you must set up an initial account: click ‘REGISTER’ and follow the instructions.

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In general, applicants must have completed a minimum of 12 semester units (by the end of Fall term 2015) at Las Positas College and be currently enrolled in at least 6 units of Las Positas classes (Exception: there are 2 scholarships available for veterans whose first term is Spring 2016).
Concurrently enrolled high school students are not eligible.
International Students (students with an ‘F1’ VISA) are eligible for most scholarships except those which require ‘FINANCIAL NEED’.

While the Scholarship application must be completed online, every student must upload a typed personal statement and must upload an unofficial academic transcript which is requested directly from the Admissions and Records office. Do not upload a print-out of grades from the Zone or Class Web, they will not be accepted. These forms are uploaded in the ‘DOCUMENTS AND ESSAYS’ section and are required of all students.


For assistance in uploading your personal statement, transcript, or letter of recommendation, please drop in at the LPC Computer Center, Building 800 Room 803, for assistance.  They will help you scan any necessary forms as a .pdf file and will assist you in uploading forms to your application.

Personal Statement
(required of all applicants)

You must upload a typed PERSONAL STATEMENT in the ‘Documents and Essays’ section of the application, which should address background , interests, any hurdles the student has had to or needs to overcome, the goals student has set for him/herself in his/her schooling, career path, and personal life, and how s/he plans to achieve those goals.

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application. You are competing with other applicants, and you want your statement to be able to convince the scholarship committee to choose you over other students. Do not be afraid to brag!

Write a statement telling about yourself. Explain the goals you have established for yourself in your schooling, career path, and personal life, address how you plan to achieve them, and why you feel you are particularly qualified or deserving of a scholarship. You may wish to address work, family and dependents, hobbies, special interests, involvement in college, community or family activities.

Analyze what interests and activities in which the sponsors of your awards are interested. For example:
Business Women's Network: community activity, business activity, organizational skills;
Faculty Group: academic achievement and drive, service to school and community;
Radio Club: tinkering with ham radio, building electronic boards
Then look at what you have to offer that group, and organize your statement to show:
--Who am I? (Student up-dating job skills, your future goals, etc.)
--Where am I going? (life and career goals)
--What have I done to show I am helping myself?
It is especially important to be clear about your academic goals!

Need help writing a great personal statement?

Need help writing a great personal statement? Help with your personal statement is available in the Reading and Writing (RAW) Center. All students are welcome with reading and writing assignments for any class.

Watch a video about scholarships

and also

Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays


Request your Unofficial LPC Transcripts

(required of all applicants)

You must request an unofficial transcript from the Admissions and Records Office, and you must scan and upload your unofficial Las Positas transcript to your application in the ‘Documents and Essays’ section of the application. A print-out of your unofficial transcript or grades from CLASS-WEB or the ZONE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Request a free copy by submitting a Transcript Request Form directly to Admissions, but request your transcript no later than February 29 to ensure it is processed in time. YOU MUST PICK UP TRANSCRIPTS DIRECTLY FROM ADMISSIONS, THEY WILL NOT BE MAILED TO YOU.



Letters of Recommendation
(Scholarships requiring instructor recommendation letter)

If a letter of recommendation is required, unless otherwise stated, you must ask a faculty instructor to provide your recommendation and be sure they submit the recommendation directly to you. You are required to scan and upload the recommendation to your application in the ‘Letters of Recommendation’ section. You may use the same recommendation letter for multiple scholarships, but it must be uploaded separately for each individual scholarship requiring a recommendation.

Request recommendations as soon as possible!
Never wait until the last minute to request a recommendation! We suggest you provide your recommender with information about yourself that will help your instructor personalize your recommendation. Be sure to include your name, ID, courses and dates of study with that instructor, and your proposed major. Other suggested information that may help your recommender includes your academic achievements, future college/vocational/employment plans, and related interests.


Financial Need

To be considered for any scholarships requiring financial need, you must file a 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( , or, if you are an undocumented student who has qualified for AB540 status, you must complete a Dream Application instead ( Be sure you have listed Las Positas College as your college or we will not receive your fafsa results!

If you have not yet applied it’s not too late, but you should complete the appropriate application by February 29, 2016 to ensure LPC receives it in time. Contact the financial aid office if you need assistance with your application.
If you qualify for a fee waiver through the fafsa or Dream Application you have ‘financial need’.
You should also file a 2016-2017 FAFSA OR DREAM APPLICATION by March 2, 2016 to qualify for maximum aid opportunities for next year!

All applicants will be notified by email by May 6th whether or not they have been selected to receive a scholarship. Recipients will be invited to attend LPC’s Annual Scholarship Ceremony on Thursday, May 19, 7:00 pm.

handAll applicants will be notified by email by May 6th whether or not they have been selected to receive a scholarship. Recipients will be invited to attend LPC’s Annual Scholarship Ceremony on Thursday, May 19, 7:00 pm.





A list of current 'OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS’ is posted on the Financial Aid Website at: and is updated weekly.

These are scholarships often from local, statewide and national organizations or foundations, which are usually not specifically for Las Positas students, but which may be of particular interest. Occasionally scholarships ARE for Las Positas students only but are selected by outside organizations.

Often transfer scholarship opportunities for four year colleges are listed.  Deadlines vary greatly, so make it a point to check the list frequently.

There are hundreds of thousands of scholarship opportunities that an ambitious student can discover. There are several free on-line scholarship searches available which are listed on our webpage. 




Pedrozzi Foundation

SCHOLARSHIPS for graduates of Livermore high schools
Deadline March 1, 2016

Eligible applicants
--Must have either graduated from a Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District high school
(Del Valle/Phoenix, Granada, Livermore or Vineyard)
--There is no minimum GPA requirement for community college or technical/vocational applicants.
--Students applying for undergraduate or graduate scholarships must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
For more details and application:


2GenFundScholarship2GENFUND Scholarships are scholarships up to $5000/semester awarded to LPC student parents of toddlers (18 months – 30 months) and preschoolers (3 – 5 years) to fund most of the costs of a child’s enrollment at the Las Positas College Early Childhood Center. Student-parents benefit because they are able to focus on obtaining their own LPC educational goals… right on the same campus as their children.

Apply by May 2nd for Fall semester 2016

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