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Financial Aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid


A new FAFSA must be filed every school year


FIRST Federal Student Aid PIN
Once you have a PIN, fill out the free FAFSA application

SecondFREE FAFSA Application
About 2 weeks after applying on-line, you will receive an acknowledgement with the results of your application by email called a
Student Aid Report (SAR)


Dependent or Independent? Not sure whether a parent, or which one, should help you complete the FAFSA? Take this short quiz! New


What Happens Next?
You will not be eligible for payment for any financial aid until your file is complete.
Important It is very important to keep all of your personal information up to date, such as your mailing address, email address and phone numbers, to ensure that you receive important information and notifications from Las Positas College and the Financial Aid Office.

Remember, if you are attending more than one college at the same time, you may only receive federal financial aid at ONE of those colleges - video

IRS DATA RETRIEVAL TOOL / Tax Return Transcript

American Flag You cannot submit your Federal Tax Return (1040, etc.) to the Financial Aid Office if you are selected for verification.

Please use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA.
If you cannot use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA, then get/order a tax return transcript from

Where to find the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in FAFSA - PDF (pictures)

Explanation about IRS Data Retrieval Tool - On Class-Web, under financial aid student requirements, you are required to bring Parent Tax Transcript and/or Student Tax Transcript (NOT the tax returns) to our office if you have been selected for Verification.
New: Middle Class Scholarship With the new IRS 'Get Transcript Online' tool, the tax filer submits an online transcript request to the IRS and, if the request is authenticated, a second window displays the transcript in Portable Document Format (PDF). Then you save the PDF and print it out so that you can turn it in to our office. Get a Tax Transcript- this link takes you to IRS.Gov

How to Contact Your Local IRS Office

VIDEO from Financial Aid TV - IRS Data Retrieval Process
VIDEO from Financial Aid TV - Making Corrections to the FAFSA


Helpful Tip:
If you cannot find your Financial Aid Information on Class Web or on the Zone
Helpful Tip

Technical Support about Browsers If you are using a public computer, it is wise to clear the browser's cache. The browser's cache stores the contents of all Web pages visited during a FAFSA on the Web session. To safeguard your information and prevent others from viewing what was entered online, clear your browser’s cache memory after exiting FAFSA on the Web. For security purposes, be sure to close the browser window after exiting FAFSA on the Web or any Web site you have visited and entered your personal information.
Click here
for instructions.


School code for LPC: 030357

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Financial Aid

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Federal School Code: 030357

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