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Financial Aid Book Loans

The Las Positas College Financial Aid Office offers a limited short-term book loan program to help students buy books. This loan is only available to a student who has a grant award scheduled or pending where check release will be delayed. Repayment is due upon disbursement of financial aid funds from the college. The loan amount due will be automatically deducted from the student's grant refund. Should the student become ineligible for their grant, the loan is owed immediately and is a responsibility of the student. These funds are limited and may run out after the beginning of each semester.
The applicant must complete a book loan application and must also provide the dollar value of books needed, including taxes.  Book loans are a maximum of $300, and may only be used once.    

Student Services Book Loan

Student Services has an additional short term book loan fund for students who are not eligible for financial aid or who have not yet established eligibility.  The loan is not available to students who will be financial aid recipients and a student must have a verifiable source income in order to qualify. The applicant must complete a book loan application, and provide a list of books needed with the exact cost indicated for each book. Students will be interviewed individually as part of the qualification process. Applicants must justify their need and show intent and a mean of repaying the loan within 30 calendar days. Funds are limited - please contact Ginger Ripplinger, Counseling Department, Building 1600 (located on the 1st floor) for application. 

Financial Aid

Building 1600
Room 1650 (second floor)
Tel: 925.424.1580
Fax: 925.449.6038

General Information

Federal School Code: 030357

We have an after-hours DROPBOX
located in the hallway between the
Admissions and Financial Aid Offices,
for your convenience.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017