Financial Aid

The Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application.  You are competing with other applicants, and you want your statement to be able to convince the scholarship committee to choose you over other students.  Do not be afraid to brag!

You should type or word process a statement telling about yourself. Explain the goals you have established for yourself in your schooling, career path, and personal life, address how you plan to achieve them, and why you feel you are particularly qualified or deserving of a scholarship.  You may wish to address work, family and dependents, hobbies, special interests, involvement in college, community or family activities.  Don't be afraid to sell yourself! And please DO NOT EXCEED ONE PAGE!

Analyze what interests and activities in which the sponsors of your awards are interested. For example:

Business Women's Network:  community activity, business activity, organizational skills;

Faculty Group: academic achievement and drive, service to school and community;

Radio Club: tinkering with ham radio, building electronic boards

Then look at what you have to offer that group, and organize your statement to show:

  • Who am I?  (Student up-dating job skills, your future goals, etc.)
  • Where am I going?  (life and career goals)
  • What have I done to show I am helping myself?

It is especially important to be clear about your academic goals!

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017