Geology Instructors

Full time faculty: Ruth L. Hanna

Ruth has been full time faculty at LPC since 1991. She graduated from UC Davis with an M.S. in Geology, with an emphasis in geophysics. She worked in oil exploration

and in engineering geology before coming to Las Positas College.

ruthandlava RUTHRIGEL

Ruth Carol Shauna and LInda


Adjunct faculty: Bob LaChappelle, Oliver Christen and Michaele Kashgarian

Bob has taught at LPC for many years, following careers in the Army reserve and in business. He has a master's degree in Geology from SFSU.


Oliver Christen has a master's degree in Geology from UC Davis. He teaches at several Bay Area Colleges.


Michaele Kashgarian works at LLNL as a research scientist.

Michaele Kashgarian


Geology Program

Ruth Hanna
Geology Faculty
Room 1829/1824
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Carol Edson
Geology Lab Technician
Room 1824

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