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NOTE: The Pharmacy Technician program is currently on hold due to labor market demand.

The Pharmacy Technology training program prepares individuals to become pharmacy technicians. These allied heath professionals assist and support licensed pharmacist in providing medications and other health care products to patients.

If you are interested in this program for future enrollment, send an email with Pharmacy Technology in the subject line to LPC Health Sciences and you will be notified upon release of the application. This program is by Special Application only. Applications are generally accepted during the Fall Semester for a Spring Semester start date.

Employment Outlook

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand in health care and in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the US Department of Labor, job opportunities are expected to be good for full-time and part-time work, especially for those with formal training and certification. Employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2014 due to increased needs for pharmaceutical care services and products.With a larger and older population, advances in science, and increases in medication availability and usage, the demand for pharmacy technicians in all practice settings will increase and their role will be expanded. As health care becomes more technically complex, the need for educated, skilled and competent support personnel will become more important. Federal and state laws and regulations affect the maximum use of uncertified technicians and the requirements for certification. More states and employers are requiring certification as reliance
on pharmacy technicians grows in order to increase the quality of the services provided and to decrease medication errors.

The Job

Pharmacy technicians have varying responsibilities depending on State rules and regulations; but all help licensed Pharmacists provide medication and other health care products to patients. Pharmacy Technicians working in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted-living facilities may have added responsibilities, including reading patients’ charts and preparing the appropriate medication. 


Pharmacy technicians with significant training, experience and certification can be promoted to supervisory positions. Some advance into specialty technician positions such as chemo therapy or nuclear pharmacy while others move into sales. Some pharmacy technicians earn a degree and go on to become licensed Pharmacists.

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