Health Sciences

Find Which Program Is Best For You?

Las Positas College offers a variety of Health Science career options to suit every students personal learning objectives and longer term career goals.We’ve compiled a set of “Job Market Info” to provide you with current details regarding industry demand, salary and education levels required to enter the field.

To aid in your selection process, each program description contains an easy to read graphical ‘roadmap to success’. In cases where a certificate AND a degree are offered, you’ll also find a comparison view so that you can clearly see the differences between options.

If you’re still uncertain as to which option to choose don’t let that hinder your enrollment. There are several ‘foundation’ courses which are a part of several of the programs offered. So, if you get started and change your mind along the way the work you’ve finished is likely to be transferable toward the completion of another program.

Students are encouraged to utilize the Las Positas College counseling resources which are available to all current and prospective students by appointment.

Health Sciences

Lisa Everett
Dean of Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety

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Page last modified: May 10, 2010