Health Sciences

Work Experience

Most Certificates and Degree Programs in Health Sciences require some clinical work experience as part of the programs.

  • Our commitment to provide opportunities to learn by doing
  • Process of linking the classroom to the workplace
  • Partnership between schools, employers, and the community


  • Increase students' awareness of the expectations, dynamics and the changes in the workplace
  • Develops the workforce of our community
  • Builds and develops work and life skills
  • Enables students to make informed career choices

Components of Work Based Learning:

  • Career/Transfer and Employment
  • Work Experience
  • Service Learning
  • Workability Program
  • Internships
  • Transfer Services

Health Sciences Student Work Policy

All student activities associated with Health Science programs while completing clinical rotations will be educational and training focused. Students will not receive monetary remuneration in any form during this educational/training experience. Additionally, the student may not be substituted for hired staff within the partnering clinical setting while enrolled in Health Science programs.

Health Sciences

Lisa Everett
Dean of Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety

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Page last modified: January 06, 2011