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BHC Honors Symposium at UC Berkeley spring 2016


No date has been announced for the honors symposium to be held at Berkeley in spring 2016. Watch this page for updates. Here's some general information about the symposium:

It is an all-day event that brings together outstanding community college honors students from all over California to present their research. All students who are in the LPC Honors Transfer Program are eligible to send in proposals and to attend the event. The proposals do not need to be from an honors contract or part of the work for an honors course; it may be any research you are interested in pursuing. The types of projects vary greatly. Dr. Klaschus has programs from previous symposia in her office if you want to take a look. You must work with a faculty mentor, but if you cannot find one, Dr. Klaschus can act as your advisor for the project.

LAS POSITAS COLLEGE HONORS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM: SPRING 2016. No date has been set. Watch this page for updates.

In addition to the Stanford Symposium, we have our own here at LPC each spring. Any student who has completed an honors contract or the work in an honors course in Fall 2015 or Spring 2016, or any students who present at the Berkeley Symposium, may apply to present at at this event. It will be held in early May 2016.

Dr. Candace Klaschus
Program Director
Honors Office 2174

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Fall 2015

  • Monday: 10:15-12:15
  • Tuesday: 11:15-12:15
  • Wednesday 11:15-12:15
  • Thursday: 11:15-12:15
  • Also by appointment


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Page last modified: September 02, 2015