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Honors Transfer Program


Honors Courses and Contracts


In Fall 2014, a number of transferable courses are being offered with honors embedded in them. If students wish to take the course for honors credit, they will complete the requirements as outlined by the instructor in an honors syllabus, which is separate from the regular course syllabus. To receive honors credit, students must earn an "A" or "B" in the regular course and also complete the requirements for the honors portion. Students who successfully complete the honors requirements will receive an "Honors" designation next to the course title on their transcripts.


The following are being offered with embedded honors components in Fall 2014:

CHEM 12A VO1Organic Chemistry 1 Ansell

HUMN 3 VO1 Film-Drama-Music-Art-Lyric Poetry Chiolis

HUMN 10 VO1 The American Style Chiolis

HUMN 10 093 The American Style Klaschus

HUMN 28 VO1 The Classic Myths Klaschus

HUMN 44 VO1 Narrative Film Music Klaschus

MUS 1 VO2 Introduction to Music Browne Rosefield

MUS 8A VO1 Harmony and Muscianship 1 Browne Rosefield

PHIL 1 093 God, Nature, Human Nature Bodnar

PHIL 2 093 Ethics Bodnar

POLI 30 VO1 International Relations Blair

SPAN 1A VO1, VO2, VO3 Beginning Spanish Suarez

SPAN 1B VO1 Elementary Spanish Suarez





Any transferable course at LPC may become an honors course. Here's how it works:

For example, if an honors student is interested in taking a humanities course for honors credit, she goes to the instructor during the early weeks of the semester to inquire if that instructor is willing to mentor the student through an honors project. If the instructor agrees, the student and instructor together create and plan the project, and then both sign the "honors contract" to indicate their commitment to it. If the student completes the project to the satisfaction of the instructor and the honors director by the designated date at the end of the term, that student's transcript will have an "honors" notation on it next to that humanities class. The work must be completed that term. If a student fails to complete the project, there is no penalty. A student must receive an "A" or "B" in the course for the honors contract to qualify.

Honors contracts consist of in-depth research, demonstration of critical thinking, and scholarship of greater breadth or depth than the normal coursework. The specific content and shape of the projects varies widely and should be something that helps prepare the student for work at a four-year school. Topics are invidivdual and very flexible, but here are some examples:

a traditional research paper;

a case study or series of studies;

specialized lab experiments;

art projects;

musical compositions;



community outreach;

gathering and analysis of statistical data.


Contact Dr. Klaschus for more information.

The Honors Seminar: General Studies 9 (GNST 9 ) Offered only in the fall term

The Honors Seminar is a one-unit, ten-week class that meets once a week with an additional to be announced (TBA) hour. It is only offered in the fall term and is geared toward introducting students to the honors program, helping students set their academic goals, and helping students with the process of transferring to a four-year college or university, with special emphasis on writing the UC personal statements as well as essays required by private universities. It is open to all students. Contact Dr. Klaschus for more information.




Dr. Candace Klaschus
Program Director
Honors Office 2174



Office Hours

  • Monday: 10:15-12:15
    Tuesday: 11:15-12:15
    Wednesday: 11:15-12:15
    Thursday: 11:15-12:15
  • Also by appointment.





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Page last modified: August 06, 2014