Honors Transfer Program

Benefits of the Honors Program

As an honors student, you have:

  • An "Honors" transcript designation for each course in which you complete an honors project or fulfull the requirements of the honors syllabus for the course
  • The opportunity to do exciting and challenging coursework geared toward those who wish to achieve beyond what is normally required for lower-division classes
  • The opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty as you engage in your honors projects
  • The opportunity to participate in the statewide community college honors research symposium held at either Stanford University or UC Berkeley each spring
  • Personalized counseling and preparation for transfer
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other honors students
  • Special honors recognition at graduation for completion of at least six honors activities
  • Upon completion of at least six honors activities, access to transfer agreements with a number of universities

How to Apply

Click on "Forms" and then click on the HP Application form to fill it in.

Hard copies of the application are also available at 2174.

It is best if you apply early in any term; that way you will have time to do honors coursework or contracts.

It is best if you submit the application personally to Dr. Klaschus in 2174; then you can meet and discuss your best options for doing honors work. Her Spring 2015 office hours are posted in the right-hand column.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the Honors Transfer Application. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Dr. Candace Klaschus
Program Director
Honors Office 2174

Office Hours

Fall 2016

  • Monday: 10:15-12:15
  • Tuesday: 12:30-1:45
  • Wednesday 11:15-12:15
  • Thursday: 12:30-1:45
  • Also by appointment


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Page last modified: January 19, 2016