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Year Three Activities

Title V Grant Program

Implementation Timeline

Name of Program: HSI Title V Grant

Report Period: 10/01/2017 - 09/30/2018

Grant Activities

  • 1.1c Engage instructional and non- instructional faculty in training to serve Hispanic and high-need students
  • 1.1d Provide faculty training in Emporium Model curriculum development using identified research. Deliver enhanced Math courses
  • 1.2a Leverage research on how the Emporium Model is a highly effective mode for offering basic skill and transfer level classes and redesign the Math X mode to fit the Emporium Model. All three basic skill math courses will be offered in this mode: Math 107 (remedial), Math 65 (pre-algebra), and Math 55 (intermediate algebra)
  • 1.2 c Use evidence-based research to offer the pre-STEM courses, such as Math 38 and Math 20 in a compressed mode, allowing students to save time completing their STEM pathway
  • 1.2.d. Crosswalk secondary and postsecondary common core and student learning outcomes (SLOs)
  • 2.1a Partner with middle and high schools to implement STEM student college readiness inititives for 50 students and families
  • 2.1b Leverage Math 200 classes to improve assessment, preparation, placement, success, and matriculation of Hispanic students in proper level Math courses
  • 2.1c Coordinate enrollment of 12 Hispanic high school students in concurrent or dual enrollment classes
  • 2.1d Coordinate and provide admissions, financial, counseling services to incoming Hispanic high school and college students
  • 2.2a Create a cohort of up to 25 Hispanic STEM students to provide comprehensive student services and academic support to help with Math success rates
  • 2.2b Create cohort of Hispanic high school and college students and prepare them for assessment tests through a designated STEM tutor
  • 2.2c Provide comprehensive student services and academic support services to support Hispanic students in math courses
  • 2.2d Design an enhanced student success pilot incorporating both academic and student services
  • 2.3a Actively recruit Hispanic students interested in STEM fields, and mentor (or work) with them to provide information about the STEM profession and to declare a STEM major
  • 2.3b Provide direct and intentional academic, transfer, career counseling, and workforce placement services
  • 2.3c Leverage academic and industry workgroup (e.g., Tri-Valley Education Consortium) to provide professional mentoring to Hispanic cohorts
  • 2.3d Work with local workforce investment board to strengthen STEM career pathways
  • 3.1a Appoint workgroup of campus leadership to identify priority programs for enhanced curriculum, professional development