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Blogging, or the use of web logs with students, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Instructors can easily create a blog, which is an interactive writing tool that lets students share their writings and work in a collaborative environment.

Once created, blogs can be used for a variety of instructional activities, including:

  • Student journal entries
  • Class discussions
  • Reflections
  • Free-writing
  • Documenting a process or research
  • Group work
  • Compiling reference links and documents
  • Guest “speakers”

Blogs are great for extending learning in the classroom, encouraging communication and building a community of learners. Aside from simply writing in a blog, you and your students can add images, audio and video to not only make the blog come alive, but also to reach students whose learning styles are more conducive to those forms of media.

The uses of blogs are limitless, but however you use them, make sure they are integrated into your course and are connected to your learning outcomes.

There are several free blogging tools on the Web. Just do a Google search to find them. You might even want to use Google’s free blogging tool called

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Page last modified: May 30, 2009