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If you're not familiar with Blackboard, it is what's known in the educational arena as a course management system. In other words, it's a virtual classroom on the Web that is used to post course information and/or deliver instruction. Online Learning graphic

Almost everything you can do in the regular classroom (i.e. lectures, quizzes, presentations, discussions, group activities, etc.), you can do in Blackboard. And it's relatively easy to use, which is one reason why it is one of the most popular e-learning systems in the world.

At LPC, we use Blackboard for enhancing face-to-face courses and delivering fully online courses to provide a web-based learning community for our students. View the possibilities that Blackboard affords faculty and students.

In order to train and support our faculty, we have developed the following:

  1. The Integrating the Internet Into Instruction program, better known as Four I's, which trains faculty to enhance their face-to-face courses with Web resources. Training is offered in the Innovation Center and online; it's your choice.
  2. The Online Course Development Program, a.k.a. the OCDP, which trains faculty to design, develop, and teach instructionally sound online courses, based on best practices. OCDP training is offered in the Innovation Center and online; again, it's your choice.
  3. The Blackboard Online Learning Team, affectionately referred to as the BOLT, which is an online resource where faculty share teaching and technical tips, and access information about online pedagogy and Blackboard tutorials.

If you would like to begin using Blackboard with your course(s), click the Workshops link on the left to request your services.


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Page last modified: August 25, 2009