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Innovation Center Usage Guidelines

In order to provide a high level of service, the Innovation Center staff would appreciate continued cooperation in the following areas:

  • Keeping the facility clean by recycling unnecessary papers and throwing away unneeded items.
  • Eating or drinking prior to entering the Innovation Center.
  • Bringing your own media (USB drives, CD-ROMs).
  • Backing up your files to your personal media, and deleting any unnecessary files from the hard drives of the computers.
  • Refraining from installing programs to the computers. If you need to install a program, ask permission from an Innovation Center staff member first.
  • Refraining from changing any of the computers’ settings, including bookmarks or other settings on Internet browsers.
  • Before approaching Innovation Center staff to embark on time-consuming projects, clear it first with the instructional technology/open learning coordinator.
  • Refraining from bringing or allowing students into the Innovation Center. Instead, have students use the computer lab in 803, the library, or the Learning Resource Center. Students are not allowed in the Innovation Center.

Since the Innovation Center has hardware and software that allow you to record/rip/edit audio and video files that might come from copyrighted material, you are asked to fill out, and submit, the Innovation Center Media Conversion Agreement (PDF) prior to your project.

Innovation Center

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Page last modified: August 25, 2009