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The Innovation Center offers access to, and training and support in, the following technologies: web-page building, multimedia hardware and software, presentation software, a course management system (Blackboard), and accessibility techniques. Additionally, the Innovation Center offers pedagogical training and support to faculty and staff who want to learn best teaching practices using technology -- whether to enhance a face-to-face class or to design a hybrid or fully online course.

Training is conducted on an individual basis and in workshop settings. To schedule an individual training session, call 925.424.1655 or 424.1654. Workshops intended to increase technical and pedagogical skills are conducted during the Fall and Spring semesters. Days and times of workshops are announced at the beginning of each semester, and they are open to faculty and staff of LPC.

Instructional technology books and magazines are available for checkout. Manuals for hardware and software are available while you are working in the Innovation Center. See a staff member to request a manual. Most of the directions for using the hardware and software in the Innovation Center, along with techniques on how to best utilize technology in the traditional and online classrooms, can be found on this web site by clicking the Teaching Resources & Tutorials link on the left.

Through the Innovation Center, resources, training and support are also available for making web-based materials accessible to students with disabilities. LPC is required by law (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act) to make all of its learning materials, including those on the web, accessible to all students.

Please understand that although the Innovation Center is staffed with trained professionals, it does not have the necessary manpower to do technology related projects for its clients. The staff members primarily train and support.

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Page last modified: August 25, 2009