Instructional Program Review

Program Review Glossary

The following terms appear on the Program Review and Division Summary forms.

Community Relationships and Partnerships: Such as outreach, recruitment, internships, industry collaborations.

Curriculum: Changes made through the curriculum committee, such as changes to course outlines, degrees and DE status.

Enrollment Management: Changes to section offerings, such as adding/removing sections or increasing/lowering class size. 

External Factors: Such as state/accreditation mandates or advisory board directives.

Facilities, Supplies, and Equipment: Purchasing or upgrading. This includes software.

Financial/Budgetary: Program budgets or special funding.

Human Resources: Hiring and staffing needs.

Learning Support: Services provided to support student learning, such as tutoring and library support.

LPC Planning Priorities: Available here:

LPC Collaborations: Collaborative projects bringing together different programs/areas within LPC.

Pedagogy/Teaching Methods: The process of teaching students. Not limited to instructional programs/areas. Might include teaching/counseling/tutoring methodology, class activities or course design.

Professional  Development: Activities and resources to enhance employee knowledge and skills.

Services to Students: Non-instructional services provided to students. Not limited to Student Services programs/areas.

SLOs/SAO Process: The process of creating, recording and assessing SLOs/SAOs (not the findings)

Technology Use: How technology is used to instruct/serve students or for other college functions.

Program Review Chair

Karin Spirn

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Page last modified: April 03, 2018