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LPC Employment Opportunities

Faculty Openings
Closing Date Click to Apply
Emergency Medical Services 04/20/2017 Apply
Biology (Emphasis in Zoology & Cell/Molecular Biology 04/24/2017 Apply
Computer Information Sytems, TLR 05/05/2017 Apply

Classified Openings
Closing Date Click to Apply
Laboratory Coordinator, Biology and Chemistry 04/27/2017 Apply
Senior Instructional Assistant, Math 05/01/2017 Apply
Physical Education/Athletics Assistant 05/05/2017 Apply
Instructional Assistant, Math 05/10/2017 Apply

Administrative Openings
Closing Date Click to Apply
Public Safety Programs Manager 04/20/2017 Apply
Adult Education Project Manager 04/20/2017 Apply
Dean of Student Services 04/28/2017 Apply


Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Employment Opportunities

Workshop Videos:

  1. Introduction/Full-Time vs. Adjunct Positions
  2. Preparing your Application
  3. The Resume and Cover Letter
  4. The First Interview
  5. The Teaching Demonstration
  6. Counseling Specific Information
  7. The Second Interview
  8. Preparation for Adjunct Recruitment
  9. Q&A Session & Conclusion

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