Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Learning communities(LC) intentionally link together courses and coursework to provide greater curricular coherence, more opportunities for active learning, and increased interaction between students and faculty.  There are several different learning communities at Las Positas College (each described below).  All of them involve a group of students taking several connected courses together as a cohort, so that a sense of community is established to support student success

Student Enrollment in Learning Communities

All the classes in a learning community are intentionally linked together to provide greater curricular coherence, more opportunities for active learning, and increased interaction between students and faculty.   The central goal is to develop a sense of community. As such the following registration/add/drop policies apply:

  • All the classes are linked together.
  • Students are required to register for all the classes in the learning community.  Students are expected to remain enrolled in all classes in the learning community for the duration of the semester. 
  • If a student feels the need to drop a class within a learning community the student has two options: 1) drop all classes in the learning community or 2) speak with the learning community teachers about your situation and request instructor permission to drop a portion of the learning community classes. 
  • Dropping a portion of the learning community classes will be allowed only with instructor permission.  It is important to Las Positas College that students have every opportunity to succeed in their academic coursework.  While the intention is that students successfully complete all their learning commutniy courses, we understand that there are circumstances in which student success in a portion of learning community courses is better than not completing any of the classes.

Fall 2013 Learning Communities

College Foundation Semester (CFS)

An innovative program designed for students who test into basic skills English or Math.  Students in the CFS take 5 classes together as a cohort.  CFS also offers students academic support and strategies for school success.

CFS helps students:

  • Register for classes
  • Access financial aid
  • Learn traits of successful people
  • Create a supportive learning environment
  • Understand how to learn effectively
  • Gain communication skills
  • Understand how the college system works

Students begin the semester with a Foundation Course that focuses on learning styles, communication and strategies for success in college. The students then become part of a learning community where they take 4 more classes together: Computer Information Systems, English, Math, and Team/Self Management.. The courses are contextualized and integrated, and taught to students' learning styles. Participants earn 12 units if they complete and pass their classes.

To be part of CFS, students must register for:

CRN Subj Crse Sec Cred Title Day Time
21402 GNST 100 FSA 3.0 Foundations/Learning Success Daily** 9:00a-2:50p


CIS 94 FSA 2.0 Computer Skills for Workplace T/Th 1:00p-2:50p
21403 ENG 1502 FSA 4.0 Intro Read/Write for College MW 11:30a-2:20p
21775 GNST 21 FSA 2.0 Into to Team Self Management T/Th 9:30a-11:20a
21774 MATH 100 FSA 1.0 Pre-Alegebra M/W 9:00a-10:35a

(**GNST 100 meets Aug 19 - Aug 30; the other classes in CFS meet Sept 3 - Dec 20)

For more information about CFS and to apply.  Please contact Michelle Gonzales at mgonzales@laspositascollege.edu or phone number 925-424-1218.

Learning Communities


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