Las Positas College Library Loaner Laptop Computer FAQ


Who can borrow a laptop?

All currently registered Las Positas College students may borrow laptops, after signing a LPC Library - Loaner Laptop Computer Policy form each semester and completing a LPC Library 4-hour Laptop Computer Contract for each check out and providing a valid picture W-ID.


Where can I borrow a laptop?

Laptops may be borrowed from the Circulation Desk in the Las Positas College Library.

The first time you borrow a laptop, you will be required to fill out a "LPC Loaner Laptop Computer Policy" which will allow you to borrow laptops for the current academic semester.

In addition, you must sign a "LPC Library 4-hour Laptop Computer Contract" each time you borrow a laptop.


What is the loan period?

The loan period for laptops is 4 hours. The laptop may be renewed once, if there no other students waiting.


Can personal software and documents be saved on the laptop?

In order to provide a standard laptop environment for all users and to protect the user, do not save personal documents to the hard drives or desktop. Upon system shut-down/restart all personal files will be removed. Therefore, we suggest that you e-mail yourself files you want to save, or save to a CD/ DVD or USB flash drive. There is no way to recover your work once the laptop is shut down/restarted.


Can I access the Internet with the laptop?

Yes, the laptops are equipped with a wireless access card.


What comes with the laptop?

When a laptop is borrowed, an AC power adapter (power cord) is included. A carrying case and headphones are also available.


What software and hardware is available on the laptop?

System Software/Hardware:

Windows XP
Internet Explorer
Adobe Reader
RealPlayer Basic
Windows Media Player
Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
DVD-CD/ROM player (read write)
Wireless network connection


Can I print from the laptop?

No, you must save files to a USB drive, CD, DVD, or email them to yourself. You may then open the file to print on one of the student-access desktop computers.


What are the fines for late return of the laptop?

A fine of $10.00 per hour will be assessed on all laptops returned late, due to their high cost and expected high demand.


Where do I return the laptop?

The laptop must be returned in-person to the Circulation Desk. You will be asked to wait for a few moments, to allow staff to verify that all the pieces are returned before the laptop is discharged from your record. Because laptops are expensive, and in an effort to protect the user, laptops should not be placed in return bins available for other library materials. Laptops are due back 30 minutes before the Library closes.


Why are laptops due back 30 minutes before the Library closes?

We request that laptops be returned 30 minutes before the Library closes, so that circulation staff will have time to do the necessary work to check in each laptop before closing.


Where may I use the laptop?

The laptop may only be used on Campus.


Can I renew a laptop?

Laptops may be renewed one time, if there are additional ones available for other users at the time of renewal. You must bring the laptop in-person to the Circulation Desk to request renewal.


Can I check if a laptop is available to borrow without coming to the Library?


Can I book a laptop in advance?

No Reservations or advance bookings/holds for laptops will not be accepted.


Are there power outlets available in the Library and on campus for using the laptop?

Yes, electrical outlets are available for use.


Are there fees for borrowing laptops?

There are no borrowing fees for laptops. However, if the units are returned late, a fee of $10.00 per hour will be assessed.


Who is responsible for theft, damage or loss of the laptop?

You are financially responsible for the laptop and accessories while signed out in your name, as you agreed to when you signed the LPC Library Loaner Laptop Computer Policy form and the LPC Library 4-hour Laptop Computer Contract. Please consult our LPC Loaner Laptop Computer Policy for additional information.


What if I need help?

We expect you to be familiar with the hardware and software. Library staff may provide assistance with issues related to printing and library resources. If you have additional questions about borrowing laptops, please refer to our LPC Loaner Laptop Computer Policy. If something goes wrong with the Laptop, return it to the Circulation staff. The IT Department will take the computer to check for problems and repairs.


Email a Librarian

Library Telephone: 925.424.1150
Library Fax: 925.606.7249

Page last modified: February 05, 2014