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MLA Style

Our sample citations are based on MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed., 2009 (Ref LB2369.G53 2009). For more examples and further explanation of MLA citation style, please consult the following information.

LPC Library's Template for MLA CitationsPDF Icon - Need extra help? Fill-in guide to citation of the most common resources.

NoodleBib - Generate, edit, and publish an MLA Works Cited list that complies with the rules of the current MLA Handbook. It is a Web application that allows you to create and edit MLA works cited online. Add and edit references on the fly. It will take care of punctuation and producing a polished source list that's correctly formatted and ready to print! See sample citations below, done through NoodleBib.

Best in-depth online guides:


MLA Formatting and Style Guide, The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University.


Humanities: Documenting Sources - MLA Style, English and Other Humanities, links to finding sources, MLA in-text citations, list of works cited, information notes, manuscript format, and sample paper.

Citation Style Guides, The Library @ Seattle Central, Seattle Central Community College.

MLA Format, Writers’ Workshop: Bibliography Styles Handbook, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


The following examples of works cited citations are arranged with bolded explanatory material first, which you will not put it in your works cited list. The citation examples follow and should be double spaced and have a hanging indentation. However, hanging indentations are not easily displayed on the Internet. If these examples look odd on your computer, follow the format shown in NoodleBib.

The citations contain the following elements in the order given:

  • Author
  • Title (italics)
  • Edition (if any)
  • City of publication
  • Publisher
  • Publication year
  • Medium

The author is always listed first as the most important element of any citation; title always follows, either italicized or underlined; then publication information. Use the punctuation shown exactly! Every citation has these elements with slight variations. Check author order carefully for books with more than one author on the title page of each book. If the book has no author, start with title. If no place of publication is given, use the abbreviation n.p. If no publisher is given, use the abbreviation n.p. If no date of publication is given use n.d.

One Author

Dry, Richard. Leaving. New York: St. Martin's Pr., 2002. Print.

Two Authors

Dunn, Erica H., and Diane L. Tessaglia-Hymes. Birds at Your Feeder: A

          Guide to Feeding Habits, Behavior, Distribution, and Abundance

          New York: W. W. Norton, 1999. Print.

Three Authors

Atwan, Robert, Donald McQuade, and John W. Wright. Edsels, Luckies, and

          Frigidaires: Advertising the American Way. New York: Dell, 1979. Print.

More Than Three Authors

Belenky, Mary Field, et al. Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development

          of Self, Voice, and Mind. New York: Basic, 1986. Print.

Book With More Than One Edition

Dry, Richard. The Perfect English Class. 46th ed. Oakland: BS Pr., 2006. Print.


Enright, D. J., ed. The Oxford Book of Death. New York: Oxford UP, 1983. Print.


Work in an Anthology (Collection)

Mamet, David. "Oleanna: A Play in Two Acts." The Best Plays of 1992-1993.

          Ed. Otis L. Guernsey, Jr. and Jeffrey Sweet. New York: Limelight,

          1993. 150-164. Print.

Chapter with One Author (First Time Published) and Editor

Eagan, Catherine M. "‘White,’ If ‘Not Quite’: Irish Whiteness in the Nineteenth-Century

          Irish-American Novel." New Directions in Irish American History. Ed. Kevin Kenny.

          Madison, WI: Wisconsin UP, 2003. 140-155. Print.

Chapter or Magazine Reprinted (Previously Published) with Author and Editor in Anthology

Payne, James L. "Democracy Is Not Best for All Countries." American Conservative

          31 Jan. 2005: n.pag. Rpt. in Democracy. Ed. Mike Wilson. Detroit: Thomson-Gale, 2006. 200-208.

           Print. Opposing Viewpoints.


Chapter or Magazine Reprinted (Previously Published) with Author and Editor in Anthology with Different Title

Payne, James L. "Women Lack Human Rights in Non-Democratic Societies." Democracy. Ed. Mike Wilson.

          Detroit: Thomson-Gale, 2006. 200-208. Print. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt of "Democracy Allows Women Better Rights."

          American Conservative 31 Jan. 2005: n.pag.

Two or More Books - Same Author

Soto, Gary. Buried Onions. San Diego: Harcourt Brace, 1997. Print.

- - -. The Elements of San Joaquin. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh UP,

          1977. Print.

Religious Works


The Holy Bible: New International Version. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan

          Bible, 1984. Print.

Quran: The Final Testament [Authorized English Version]. Trans.

          Rashad Khalifa. Rev. III ed. Fremont: Universal Unity, 2001. Print.



Print and Online Reference Articles - Basic elements of reference citations


The citations contain the following elements in the order given.

  • Author (if any)
  • "Article title"
  • Publication title (italicized)
  • Editor of publication
  • Edition (if any)
  • Volume number (if any)
  • City of publication
  • Publisher
  • Publication year
  • Pages (if any)
  • Medium

Examples: General, Subject, Special Encyclopedia Works

Encyclopedia Article - No Author

"Islam." The New Encyclopedia Britannica: Micropaedia. 15th ed.

          Vol. 11. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, 2002. 409-410. Print.

Encyclopedia Article - Author Listed, Editor Listed

Amar, Akhil Reed. "Speedy Trial." Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice.

          Ed. Joshua Dressler. 2nd ed. Vol. 4. New York: MacMillan Reference

          USA, 2002. 1495-1500. Print.

U.S. Government Publications - Articles or Tables

U.S. Bureau of the Census. "Table. 111. Death Rates from Heart Disease

          by Sex and Age: 1990 to 2002." Statistical Abstract of the United

           States: 2006. 125th ed. Washington, DC: GPO, 2005. 89. Print.

U. S. Department of Labor, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. "Registered

          Nurses." Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2004-05 Edition.

           Washington, DC: Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government

          Printing Office, 2004. 301-304. Print.

Other Statistical Sources

"13-8. Immunization and ORT Use." African Development Indicators 2002.

          Washington, DC: The World Bank, 2002. 316. Print.

Multi-Volume Work, List Volume Number

Szuberla, Guy. "Damon Runyon." Dictionary of Literary Biography: American

          Short-Story Writers, 1910-1945, First Series. Ed. Bobby Ellen Kimbel.

          Vol. 86. Detroit: Gale Research, 1989. 234-251. Print.

Multi-Volume Work, List Volume Number, No Author

"Sagan, Carl (Edward) 1964-." Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series.

          Ed. James Lesniak. Vol. 36. Detroit: Gale, 1992. 332-338. Print.

Multi-Volume Work Reprinting Periodical Article.

Ryan, Maureen. "Barbara Kingsolver's Lowfat Fiction." Journal of American Culture

          (Winter 1995): 77-82. Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Jeffrey W.

          Hunter. Vol. 130. Detroit: Gale, 2000. 91. Print.


Online Reference - Online Resources/Databases

The citations contain the following elements in the order given.

  • Author (if any)
  • "Article title"
  • Publication title (italicized)
  • Editor of publication
  • Volume number, if listed
  • Publication information, if available
  • Pages, if listed
  • Database name (italicized).
  • Publisher
  • Medium
  • Date of access


eReference Encyclopedia.

"Marijuana (Cannabis)." Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior. Ed.


           Pamela Korsmeyer and Henry R. Kranzler. 3rd ed. Vol. 3. Detroit: Macmillan


           Reference USA, 2009. 4-10. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 5 Feb. 2010.

Contemporary Authors Online. Literature Resource Center

"Helen Fielding." Contemporary Authors Online. Detroit: Gale, 2005. Literature Resource Center.

          Web. 4 May 2009.

Contemporary Literary Criticism. Literature Resource Center. Multi-Volume Work Reprinting Periodical Article.

Ryan, Maureen. "Barbara Kingsolver's Lowfat Fiction." Journal of American Culture

          (Winter 1995): 77-82. Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Jeffrey W.

          Hunter. Vol. 130. Detroit: Gale, 2000. 91. Literature Resource Center.

          Web. 12 June 2006.

Dictionary of Literary Biography. Literature Resource Center - Multi-Volume Work

Richardson, Robert D. "Ralph Waldo Emerson." Dictionary of Literary Biography: American

          Literary Critics and Scholars, 1800-1850. Ed. John W. Rathburn. Vol. 59.

          Detroit: Gale Research, 1987. 108-129. Literature Resource Center.

          Web. 11 May 2009.

History Reference Center. Article from a Reference Book

Katzman, David M. "Black Migration." Reader's Companion to American History.

          Vol. 1. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1991. 114. History Reference Center.

          Web. 6 June 2009.


LitFinder. Thomson Gale. - Article from a Reference Book

Nash, David. "The Dance." Contemporary American Poets. Ed. Horace

          C. Baker. Stratford, 1929. Litfinder. Web. 23 Apr. 2009.


Merck Index Online

"Acetone." Merck Index. 14th ed. Whitehouse Station, NJ: Merck, 2009. Web. 15 May 2009.


Magazine, Newspaper, Journal: Print and Online Resource/Database

Articles in Print Magazines, Newspapers & Journals

The citations for periodical materials in print contain the following elements in the order given.

  • Author
  • Article Title
  • Publication Title (italicized)
  • Volume.Issue (Date)
  • Page
  • Medium


CQ Researcher in Print

Jost, Kenneth. "Transgender Issues." CQ Researcher. 5 May 2006: 385-408. Print.


Daily Newspaper

Blevins, Lea. "Warning Sign for Drunken Drivers." Tri-Valley Herald

          31 May 2006: Valley ed.: 1A+. Print.

Journal Article - Numbers Pages in Each Issue Separately

Cota, Susan A. "The Duties of a Community College District Chancellor."

          Top Dog 20.3 (2006): 36-105. Print.

Journal Article with Continuous Paging

Dry, Richard. "How I Came To Write Forty-Five Editions of an

          English Text." Community College Journal 46 (2006): 114-126. Print.

Monthly Magazine - No Author

"The Starry Sky." Odyssey Jan. 1994: 26-27. Print.


Weekly/Biweekly Magazine

Begley, Sharon. "A Healthy Dose of Laughter." Newsweek 4 Oct.

          1992: 74-77. Print.


Full-Text Articles in Online Print Resources/Databases

The citations contain the following elements in the order given.

  • Author
  • Article Title
  • Publication Title (italicized)
  • Volume.Issue (Year) or Day Month Year
  • Page: Total continuous pages (67-91), continues on non-consecutive pages (67+), not known (n. pag.)
  • Database Name (italicized).
  • Medium
  • Date of access


Academic Search Premier. Journal

Stewart, James Brewer. "Reconsidering the Abolitionists in an Age of Fundamentalist Politic."

          Journal of the Early Republic 26.1 (2006): 1-23. Academic Search Premier. Web.

         10 May 2006.


Academic Search Premier. Magazine


Breslau, Karen. "An Apparent Flip-Flop on Gay Rights."

          Newsweek 13 Oct. 2008: 10-12. Academic Search Premier. Web.

         10 Jan. 2010.

America's Newspapers - (New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury, Valley Times and Other Newspapers)

Steinhauer, Jennifer. "Never Mind Debating Mars and Venus: Who's 'the Decider'?"

          New York Times. 26 Apr. 2006: National Desk 16C+. America's Newspapers.

          Web. 10 May 2006.

CQ Researcher Online (Journal)

Jost, Kenneth. "Transgender Issues." CQ Researcher 16.17 (2006):

          385-408. CQ Researcher Online. Web. 12 June 2006.

Ethnic NewsWatch

Kawamota, Kevin. "Silent Stones Speak in Portland's Japanese

          American Plaza." Northwest Asian Weekly 9 October 1998: 9.

          Ethnic NewsWatch. Web. 22 June 2006.    


Harris, Shanette M. "Racial Differences in Predictors of College

          Women's Body Image Attitudes." Women & Health  30 June

          1994: 89. GenderWatch. Web. 22 July 2002.

History Reference Center.

Egerton, Douglas R. "Thomas Jefferson: The Revolution of Ideas." History Teacher

          May 2005: 401. History Reference Center. Web. 18 June 2006.


Image Collection. - see Audiovisual/Nonprint


Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center - Viewpoint Essay (Reprinted Magazine Article)

Macko, Steve. "Juvenile Crime and Violence Are Increasing." Juvenile Crime.

          Ed. Auriana Ojeda. Detroit: Greenhaven, 2002. Rpt. of "Kids with No Hope,

          No Fear, No Rules, and No Life Expectancy." EmergencyNet News

          Service 18 May 1996. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.

          Web. 4 June 2006.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center - Magazine or Newspaper Article

Rigotti, Nancy. "Staying Safe: How to Quit Smoking." Newsweek

          3 Oct. 2005: 56. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.

          Web. 16 May 2006.


CountryWatch - Country Review

"Sudan: Country Review." CountryWatch. 2010. Web. 5 Feb 2010.

CountryWatch - Country Wire

"Ecuadorans Stage Protest, Demand US Oil Company Expulsion." Country Wire

          9 May 2006: n. pag. CountryWatch. Web. 10 May 2006.


Citations for reviews of books found in periodicals, books and online print resources contain the following elements in the order given:

Review in Book

  • Reviewer
  • Title of article, if available
  • Title of Book Reviewed (italicized)
  • Author of Book Reviewed
  • Book Title (italicized)
  • Place
  • Publisher
  • Date
  • Pages in Multi-Volume Set
  • Medium

Review in Print Periodical Article

  • Reviewer
  • Title of article, if given
  • Title of Book Reviewed (italicized)
  • Author of Book Reviewed
  • Periodical Title (underlined)
  • Date
  • Pages
  • Medium

Review in Full-Text Periodical

  • Reviewer
  • Title of article, if given
  • Title of Book Reviewed (italicized)
  • Author of Book Reviewed
  • Periodical Title (underlined)
  • Date
  • Pages
  • Database Name (underlined).
  • Medium
  • Date of access


Review in Magazine without Separate Article Title

Baxter, Tracy. Rev. of Earth Follies: Coming to Feminist Terms

          with the Environmental Crisis, by Joni Seager. Sierra

          May/June 1994: 82-83. Print.

Review in Magazine with Separate Article Title

Kennedy, Randall. "Looking for Zora." Rev. of I Love Myself When I Am Laughing

          and Then Again When I Am Looking Mean and Impressive,

          by Zora Neale Hurston. New York Times Book Review

          30 Dec. 1979: 8, 17. Print.

Book Review Article without Reviewer Listed

Rev. of Outlands: Journeys to the Outer Edges of Cape Cod,

          by Robert Finch. Time 3 Nov. 1986: 84. Print.

Book Review in Article in Multi-Volume Set

Keymer, David. Rev. of A Time To Kill, by John Grisham.

          "John Grisham 1955(?) -." Contemporary Literary Criticism.

          Ed. James P. Draper. Vol. 84. Detroit: Gale, 1995. 190. Print.

Book Review in Article in Academic Search Premier

King, Bruce. Rev. of White Teeth, by Zadie Smith. World Literature

          Today. Winter 2001: 116. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 June 2006.

Book Review in Magazine Article in Literature Resource Center

Podhoretz, John. Rev. of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,

          by Michael Chabon. Commentary June 2001: 68. Literature Resource

          Center. Web. 24 June 2006.

Book Review in Magazine with Article Title in Literature Resource Center

Paumgarten, Nick. "Acknowleged." Rev. of The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown.

          New Yorker 5 May 2003: 36. Literature Resource Center. Web. 1 Mar. 2006.


Basic Elements of Web Site Citations -

These citations are from general Internet sources, not from LPC electronic print resources (databases). Citations for Web site information should contain as much data that you can find to identify the material, as follows in the order given:

  • Author
  • "Title of Article or Document" (in quotations)
  • Title of Complete Work or Homepage - if applicable (italicized)
  • Version or edition used - if available
  • Publisher or sponsor of the site (if not available, use N.p.)
  • Date of publication (if not available, n.d.)
  • Medium
  • Date of access
  • URL


General Web Sites

The following sample citations show entire web sites, articles within a web site, web sites with authors, web sites with no authors. Use NoodleBib's section "Web Site under Electronic/Online (Exclusively)" for help.

All Allergy. 2002. Web. 17 May 2006 <>.


"Californium [7440-71-3]." Database and Internet Searching. 2004.

          CambridgeSoft. Web. 12 June 2006. <>.

COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts. Winter 2006.

          COPIA. Web. 17 May 2006 <>.

Lanham, Howard G. American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations

          of World War Two. Web. 17 May 2006 <>.


Government Information

Schwarzenegger, Arnold. "Schwarzenegger Outlines Budget Philosophy: Pay Down

          Debt & Invest in Schools." Welcome to California: Updates from the

          Office of the Governor. 11 May 2006. State of California. Web. 12 June 2006


Supreme Court Decisions

To cite a law case give the names of the first plaintiff and the first defendant, the case number, the name of the court,
the date of the decision, followed by the title of the home page, date accessed, and URL. Use NoodleBib's section Law Case under Legal Sources for help.

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. No. 03-6696. Supreme Ct. of the US. 28 June 2004.

          Supreme Court of the United States. Web. 13 Sept. 2005.


Newpaper or Newswire

The sample citation shows an online newspaper article with an author listed. Use NoodleBib's section Newspaper or Newswire (Online) for help.


Roug, Louise. "Hussein Defense Witnesses Admit Lying." Los Angeles Times

          11 June 2006: n. pag. Web. 12 June 2006 <>.



  • Audiovisual Title (italicized)
  • Artist, Composer, Director, or Performer (the name listed first is the one the writer wants to emphasize: artist, composer, performer, author, director, conductor…)
  • Original release date (if applicable)
  • Distributor (Publisher)
  • Year of release
  • Medium - Videotape, DVD, Audiocassette, CD, Web (web includes AV content from a database-database name is italicized)


Compact Disc - Sound Recording

  • If you cite an individual song on the CD, put the song title in quotations.

Glass, Philip. "Opening." Glassworks. CBS Masterworks, 1982. CD.

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Symphonies no. 4 & no. 5. Cond. Leonard Bernstein,

          New York Philharmonic. Sony Classical, 1997. CD.

Lloyd Webber, Andrew. The Phantom of the Opera: The Original

          London Cast. Polydor, 1987. CD.

Videocassettes and DVDs

Amadeus. 2001. Dir. Milos Forman. Warner Home Video, 2002. DVD.

Glassman, Gary. Secret of Photo 51. WGBH Boston Video, 2003. Videocassette.

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.

          PBS. Warner Home Video, 2001. DVD.

Videos/Films from Databases

A Question of Color. Films Media Group, 1993. Films on Demand. Web. 10 Apr. 2014.

Painting, Sculpture, or Photograph - Photograph in Image Collection.

  • If the institution owning the work and the location is provided in the database, include that information after the year.

Bodmer, Karl. "Woman of the Nation Teton Sioux Woman." ARTstor. Web.

           19 Oct. 2008.

Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx. Paramount Photo, Circa 1930,

          **I.V. Photograph. Motion Picture & Television Photo Archive. 1980.

          Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 May 2009.


Live Performances

  • Include name of the theater and location of performance.

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. By Tony Kushner.

          Marines Memorial Theatre, San Francisco. 13 Oct. 2004. Performance.


Television or Radio Program

"Bee - Political Movement." Narr. Jon Stewart. Daily Show. Comedy

          Central. 19 June 2008. Television.

Personal Interview

Tarte, Mark. Personal interview. 13 Mar. 2009.




Hilary Clinton Sopranos Parody. 19 June 2007. YouTube. Web. 25 June 2009.



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