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Citation Examples


The following examples of works cited citations are arranged with bolded explanatory material first, which you will not put it in your works cited list. The citation examples follow and should be double spaced and have a hanging indentation. However, hanging indentations are not easily displayed on the Internet. If they look odd on your computer, follow the format shown in the box at the end of the examples.

Basic Elements of Internet Citations - these citations are from general Internet sources, not from LPC electronic print resources

Citations for information from the Internet contains as much of the data that you can find to identify the material, as follows in the order given:

  • Author
  • Title of Document
  • Title of Complete Work or Homepage - if applicable
  • Publication data - where: who, document date or last revision - if available
  • Date of access
  • URL
  • Note: When citing references from an online database or Internet source there is a way to turn off the auto-formatting of the URL (in Microsoft Word) so it is not underlined and highlighted in blue. This will make your works cited page appear more consistent. Go to the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect, select the AutoFormat As You Type tab and midway down under Replace as you type deselect (uncheck) Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.

You may have to go to the homepage of an institution to find publication data. You may use the abbreviations for no place of publication - n.p.; no publisher - n.p. or no date of publication - n.d., if necessary. To cite subscription databases, such as Gender Watch, Academic Search Elite, RAND California,, SIRS Researcher, Literature Resource Center, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, use the links to examples in the Reference, Periodicals and Databases, or Book Review sections.

Government information

California Secretary of State. "Questions and Answers About California's

Open Primary." Executive Office. 17 Mar. 1998. 20 Mar. 2000

< press_releases/open_primary_qa.htm>.


Government information: Supreme Court Decisions

To cite a law case give the names of the first plaintiff and the first defendant, the case number, the name of the court,
the date of the decision, followed by the title of the home page, date accessed, and URL.

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. No. 03-6696. Supreme Ct. of the US. 28 June 2004.

Supreme Court of the United States. 13 Sept. 2005.


Kalman, Amy, and Chris Shroeder. "Hamdi v. Rumsfeld." Duke Law:

Supreme Court Online. Commentary. Duke University. n.d. 13 Sept. 2005



Author listed

Henahan, Sean. "Send in the Clones?" Access Excellence. San Francisco: Genentech,

24 Feb. 1997. 1 June 1999 <ttp://



Author unknown

"Californium [7440-71-3]." Database and Internet Searching.

Cambridge, MA: CambridgeSoft Corporation, 2004. 31 Aug. 2004.


"Understanding the Middle East." MidEast Web Gateway. MidEast Web for Coexistence

R.A., 1999-2002. 25 Jan. 2002 <



Online newspaper

Maugh, Thomas H. "Cloned Animals May Age Prematurely, Scientists Say."

Los Angeles Times 27 May 1999. 1 June 1999

< lat_dolly990527.htm>.


Citation with no date of publication

Allen, Garland E. "Social Origins of Eugenics." Image Archive on the American

Eugenics Movement. Cold Springs Harbor, NY: Dolan DNA Learning

Center, nd. 20 Dec. 2001 <>.

Use the following links to access the LPC Library short guides to citing specific types of resources in the MLA style.


Citation Examples

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