LPC Library Instructional Reserve Policy

Instructional Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection supports the instructional program by providing library resources, which are directly related to curricular offerings. The specific aims of this collection are to:

  1. Provide reserve materials as required or recommended and chosen by the faculty for student use whose use must be limited because of the high number of students who must access the material.
  2. Provide controlled use of materials whose format, value or high demand may make them candidates for theft, such as: most used college catalogs, District, LPC and Chabot handbooks, and other timely materials.

Other Related Policy

Faculty, college personnel, and professional staff may request that materials be placed in this collection, but ultimate responsibility for the reserve collection lies with the library faculty.

Due to restricted space for Reserve Materials, limitations must be placed on the numbers of reserves added for each instructor. All items on a particular subject cannot be removed from the general collection to be placed on reserve. Librarians will make the final decision on how many items can be removed from the Library collection to be placed on reserve.

If several instructors have the same items on reserve, students will have to abide by the shortest reserve period requested by an instructor.

Instructors who need to preview audiovisual reserves for class preparation, may check them out on Friday with the following Monday as the due date.

The Library will not borrow items from other libraries to place on reserve. The Librarians also will not lend items placed on reserve to students, staff, or faculty from other colleges or libraries.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty are responsible for providing the appropriate number of copies of photocopied materials in accordance with the copyright law.

Adding personal copies including photocopies (which are in compliance with the copyright law) when the library does not own a copy or cannot supply sufficient copies.

If a faculty member wishes to put a large number of library materials on reserve, he/she (1) must consult with a librarian on the number of items, (2) take the books to circulation or prepare a list of titles with call numbers for circulation to pull, (3) provide LRC Reserve book Request cards for each item, and (4) allow one week for the items to be placed on reserve.

Faculty must provide containers for storing their materials on the reserve shelves, such as folders, 3-ring binders, and audiovisual cases. The LRC will provide identification and reserve labeling and check-out cards.

Faculty must fill out a Las Positas College LRC Reserve Book Request card for each item. The Request card will include faculty name, course number and section, and identification of material to be placed on reserve (author, title, call number, etc.), the date that the reserve becomes effective, when it should be removed from reserve, and loan period as specified on the card.

At the end of each semester, photocopied and faculty-owned reserve materials are returned to the faculty member.

Email a Librarian

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