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This is a list of works by or about William Shakespeare owned by the LPC Library. Some of the books are reference books (indicated by "Ref" in the call number) and may be used only in the Library. All the others may be checked out. Some of the items are non-print materials separately listed under Media Presentations by DVD, videorecordings, and CDs.


The bibliography is divided into six sections. Click on an section to go to that part of the bibliography. Within each section, the books are listed alphabetically by title. Following the title is the call number, which gives you the shelf location of the particular book or media presentation. Each citation concludes with a brief annotation, if necessary.


Life and Times

All Things Shakespeare: An Encyclopedia of Shakespeare's World. Ref PR2892.O56 2002 v. 1-2 "More than 200 articles, most accompanied by vivid illustrations, combine rich historical detail with informative, insightful descriptions on the form and function of obscure and everyday items found in Shakespeare's works."

Elizabethan and Jacobean. PR421.W5. Outlines the main differences between the two literary periods.

Elizabethan London. DA680.H58 1969b. The story of Elizabethan London is one of growth and change: in living standards, in domestic attitudes and leisure pursuits, in city administration and the organization of trade and finance, in architecture, costume, arts, and crafts.

The Elizabethan World Picture. PR428.P5.T5 1944. Subtitled "a study of the idea of order in the age of Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton".

Life in Shakespeare's England: A Book of Elizabethan Prose. PR1293.W5 1944. This anthology is concerned with the appearance, the conditions, the habits, the pastimes, and beliefs of Shakespeare's time.

Music from the Age of Shakespeare: A Cultural History. ML286.2.L67 2003. "...Examines the lives of composers, the evolution of musical instruments, the Elizabethan system of musical notation, and the many textures and traditions of Elizabethan music."

"Our House Is Hell." Shakespeare's Troubled Families. PR3069.F35.J3 1989. The focus of this book is to bring together considerable quantities of early primary materials and in focusing them specifically upon family life in Shakespeare's age.

Reinventing Shakespeare: A Cultural History, from the Restoration to the Present. PR2965.T39 1989. Deals with the questions of who was Shakespeare, and is he really as great as everyone says?

Shakespeare A to Z: The Essential Reference To His Plays, His Poems, His Life and Times, and More. PR2892.B69 1990. Not meant as scholarship, but as a convenient body of lore for the information and entertainment of the student and the general reader.

Shakespeare and Other Masters. PR2976 .S75 1962. Twelve studies which are fairly independent and self-contained.

Shakespeare the Man. PR2894.R67 1988b. A historian of Elizabethan culture, interrelates Shakespeare the man and his plays and poems with the personalities, the politics, and the outstanding events of the age.

Shakespeare. PR2894.F44. A beautifully illustrated account of Shakespeare's life and Elizabethan London.

Shakespeare: His Life, Work, and Era. PR2894.K34 1992. The story of Shakespeare's life within the context of his age, woven into a chronological study of his writings.

Shakespeare: The Globe & the World. PR2933.F64.S3. Draws on the unparalleled collections of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Beautifully illustrated, with more than 350 pictures.

Shakespeare: The Poet in His World. PR2894.B69 1978. An "applied biography" in which the author discusses Shakespeare's art, personal life, social history and their combined effect on his works.

Shakespeare's Life and Times: A Pictorial Record. PR2893.F7. Drawings, portraits, and photos of people and places important to Shakespeare are the basis of this biographical study.

Shakespeare's World and Work: An Encyclopedia for Students. Ref PR2892.S56 2001 v. 1-3. "... A vivid and multifaceted introduction to the personalities, settings, and events that made Renaissance England so rich and diverse a backdrop for the poems and plays that have established Shakespeare as our most reliable guide to the mileposts of life" with over 200 illustrations.

Understanding Shakespeare's England: A Companion for the American Reader. PR2910.M35 1989. Nearly every facet of Elizabethan life is explored in a straight forward and often amusing manner.

William Shakespeare: A Compact Documentary Life. PR2894.S33 1977. Documents facts about Shakespeare's. Contains the full text of the parent volume, and fifty of the documents reproduced in smaller format.

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Elizabethan Drama and the Viewer's Eye. PR651.D4 To appreciate the full richness of Elizabethan drama, Dessen asserts, a modern reader must bring three angles of vision to bear on the texts being studied: the interpretative perception of the critic, the theatrical insights of the director, and the contextual knowledge of the historian.

Rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe. PR2920.G87 1989 This is the story of the search for Shakespeare's Globe Theater. The discovery of the likely truth has all the elements of a detective story, and encompasses the whole spectrum of Elizabethan life.

Shakespeare and the Elizabethans. Shakespeare Survey 42: An Annual Survey of Shakespeare Studies and Production. PR2976.S521 1990 Articles by Shakespeare scholars on early, modern and Elizabethan drama.

Shakespeare Plain: The Making and Performing of Shakespeare's Plays. PR2976.L38 A look at Shakespeare's craft, habits he used in constructing his plays, and practices the actors of his company used in performing them.

Shakespeare, The Globe and the World. PR2933.F64.S3 Draws on the unparalleled collections of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Beautifully illustrated, with more than 350 pictures.

Shakespeare's Stage. PR3091.N313 A study of the theater with which Shakespeare the dramatist had to work.


Scenes for Women from the Plays of Shakespeare. PR2991.R6

Shakescenes: Shakespeare for Two. PR2771.B68 1992 Collection of scenes presented from an actor's point of view, with various commentaries and other help for actors.

Soliloquy! The Shakespeare Monologues Men. PR2771.E15 1988 Collection of Shakespeare's greatest soliloquies, monologues and set speeches, divided and classified for ease of use by the general reader or working actor.

Soliloquy! The Shakespeare Monologues Women. PR2771.E153 1988 Gives the student/actor the means to take the words off the page and onto the stage.

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Criticism and Study Aids

Virtual Reference Book (E-book): Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations of Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry 2nd ed.

"Bad" Shakespeare: Reevaluations of the Shakespeare Canon. PR2976.B225 1988 This book grew out of a seminar at the meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America in Montreal on 28 March 1986.

A Companion To Shakespeare. PR2910.C66 2000 "... A comprehensive picture of the theatrical, literary, intellectual, and social worlds in which Shakespeare wrote and in which his plays were produced."

A Shakespeare Glossary. Ref PR.2892.O6 1986 Explains "... those words whose senses or connotations would be unfamiliar to a modern reader."

A Short History of Shakespearean Criticism. PR2965.E15 1974 Introduction to major Shakespearean criticism from Elizabethan times to the present.

A Theater Goer's Guide to Shakespeare's Themes: An Invaluable Companion to the Living Issues of Shakespeare's Plays. PR2987.F36 2002 "The book surveys the most pervasive of Shakespeare's themes: love and hatred, warfare, madness and melancholy, kingship and power, illusion, universal order, the supernatural, good and evil, heroism, and the comic."

As She Likes It: Shakespeare's Unruly Women. PR2991.G38 1994 Gender in Performance: Tackles the question of how the women at the center of Shakespeare's comedies have been embodied in performance. Critical reading for anyone interested in women's experience of theater.

Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare. PR2976.A73 1978 An objective, scene-by-scene explanation of thirty-eight plays and two narrative poems in terms of their mythological, historical and geographic roots.

Critical Companion to William Shakespeare; A Literary Reference to His Life and Work. Ref PR2892 .B69 2005 An authoritative reference work on material crucial to the study of Shakespeare’s life and works.

Discovering Shakespeare: A New Guide To the Plays. PR3091.B68 1981 Shakespeare's plays were written to be performed, and so should be read and studied as if they were going to be performed.

Elizabethan Drama and the Viewer's Eye. PR651.D4 Attempts to reconcile the stage, the page, and the age, the domains of the director, the critic, and the historian.

Essays on Shakespeare and Other Elizabethans. PR2899.B69 1969

The Fickle Glass: A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets. PR2848.R35 A study of the problems, techniques, meaning, and value of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Fools of Time: Studies in Shakespearean Tragedy. PR2983.F7 Identifies three types of Shakespearean tragedy: tragedy of order, tragedy of passion and tragedy of isolation.

The Greenwood Companion to Shakespeare: A Comprehensive Guide for Students. PR2976 .G739 2005

Hamlet and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism. PR2807.W38 A criticism of major Hamlet criticism.

Hamlet. Bloom’s Major Literary Characters. PR2807.H26237 2004

Hamlet. PR2807.W35 1988 Difficulties and obscurities of Hamlet and provides a flexible basis for theatrical interpretation.

Hamlet: Enter Critic. PR2807.S23 A sampling of critical essays on Hamlet.

The Harvard Concordance to Shakespeare. Ref PR2892.S62 Entries for more than 29,000 words used by Shakespeare, their frequency, in which plays, and in context.

Imaginary Audition: Shakespeare on Stage and Page.  PR2820.B47 1989 This volume responds to a current conflict in Shakespeare studies between proponents of close reading of the academic armchair variety and proponents of what is called theater-centered or performance-centered interpretation.

Killing the King: Three Studies in Shakespeare's Tragic Structure. PR2983.M33 An examination of regicide in Richard II, Hamlet, and Macbeth.

Love and Society in Shakespearean Comedy: A Study of Dramatic Form and Content. PR2981.L48 1985 Three Shakespeare comedies: The Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, and Twelfth Night.

Macbeth. Bloom’s Major Literary Characters. PR2823.M2294 2005

Magic in the Web: Action and Language in Othello. PR2829.H4 Book length analysis of Othello.

Marlowe and the Early Shakespeare. PR2673.W5 Five lectures on Marlowe and Shakespeare as dramatic poets.

The Masks of Hamlet. PR2807.R656 1992 The author interprets Hamlet and the other characters, and through them, searches for the play's artistic form and its intellectual, emotional and spiritual substance.

The Meaning of Shakespeare. PR2976.G57 1960 Detailed analysis of 33 plays in 2 volumes.

"Our House Is Hell": Shakespeare's Troubled Families. PR3069.F35.J3 1989 Shakespeare's dramas portray an array of fragmented, divided, and distressed families.

Prefaces to Shakespeare. PR2976.G673 Examines Shakespeare's plays in the light of the interpretation Shakespeare designed for them, as far as this can be deduced.

Reader's Encyclopedia of Shakespeare. Ref PR2892.C3 Over 2,700 entries on Shakespeare's life and work, Elizabethan life, characters, production, criticism, and important documents.

Readings on the Comedies, William Shakespeare. PR2981.R43 1997 Spirit and development of Shakespeare's comedies.

Reinventing Shakespeare: A Cultural History, from the Restoration To the Present. PR2965.T39 1989 Who was Shakespeare, and is he really as great as everyone says?

Romeo and Juliet and Its Afterlife. Shakespeare Survey 49: An Annual Survey of Shakespeare Studies and Production. PR2888.R6 1996 Articles by Shakespeare scholars.

Shakespeare A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Plays, His Poems, His Life and Times, and More. PR2892.B69 1990 Not meant as scholarship, but as a convenient body of lore for the information and entertainment of the student and general reader.

Shakespeare and Other Masters. PR2976.S75 1962 These twelve studies are fairly independent and self-contained and deal with the dramatic and poetic art of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare and the Ends of Comedy. PR2981.J4 1991 Five representative comedies The Merchant of Venice, Much Ado about Nothing, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, and Measure for Measure in a new perspective and illustrates how they unfold as works written for the stage.

Shakespeare and the Revolution of the Times: Perspectives and Commentaries. PR2890.L46 Half of the essays deal with Shakespeare's work as a whole, while the second half examines eight plays: Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Othello, King Lear, Coriolanus, The Tempest, The Alchemist, and Misanthrope in detail.

Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations of As You Like It, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, and Romeo and Juliet. PR2987.S471992 Intended for beginning students of Shakespeare and presents information on some of Shakespeare's most popular and frequently taught plays.

Shakespeare Plain: The Making And Performing Of Shakespeare's Plays. PR2976.L38 Leary shows how Shakespeare habitually set about delineating his characters, constructing his plots, and dramatizing his ideas, while giving utterance to the whole range of the English language.

Shakespeare, An Illustrated Dictionary. Ref PR2892.W44 1978 Features entries about Shakespeare's life, famous actors, criticism, theaters, and a performance history of the plays. A list all the characters in the plays and the play which each is in.

Shakespeare. PR2976.B44 2002. The author uses the 'seven ages of man' speech to weave together Shakespeare's plays and poems with what is known of his life. "...Exploration of childhood, sibling rivalry, courtship, the competition of sons with their fathers, career choices and ambitions, disillusionment and loss of traditional faith, marriage, jealousy, midlife crisis, ageing, fathers worrying abut their daughters' marrying, retirement, and so onward to 'second childishness and mere oblivion'"

Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human. PR2989.B48 1998 "...Leads us through a comprehensive reading of every one of the dramatist's plays, brilliantly illuminating each work with unrivaled warmth, wit, and insight. [The author] presents one of the boldest theses of Shakespearean scholarship--that Shakespeare not only reinvented the English language, but also created human nature as we know it today."

Shakespearean Tragedy: Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth. PN2983.B7 Begins with a general discussion of Shakespearean tragedy and goes on to analyze individual plays.

Shakespeare's Comedies: From Roman Farce To Romantic Mystery. PR2981.O76 1986 Traces Shakespeare's achievement in comedy from such early plays as The Comedy of Errors and Two Gentlemen of Verona to the plays of Shakespeare's ripest maturity, The Winter's Tale and The Tempest.

Shakespeare's Comic Sequence. PR2981.M774 Study of the comedies, both according to genre, and one by one. Companion volume to Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence.

Shakespeare's Daughters. PR2992.D38.H36 2003 "Shakespeare explored the father-daughter relationship again and again ..." Covers "The father as inept or able mentor: Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest. Daughters who rebel: A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice and Othello. Daughters who acquiesce: Much Ado about Nothing, Titus Andronicus, and Hamlet. Plighted cunning, playing the good girl role: The Taming of the Shrew and King Lear. Daughters who act in their fathers' stead: The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night, and As You Like It. Daughters who forgive and heal: Pericles, The Winter's Tale, and King Lear.

Shakespeare's English Kings: History, Chronicle, and Drama.  PR2982.S2 Saccio provides a background in English history, specifically, the struggles of the monarchy which will lead to a better understanding of the history plays.

Shakespeare's Festive Comedy: A Study of Dramatic Form and Its Relation to Social Custom. PR2981.B3 A study of the social form of Elizabethan holidays as a contribution to the dramatic form of festive comedy.

Shakespeare's Game. PR2995.G5 Approaches Shakespeare as an instructive model for contemporary playwrights.

The Shakespeare Handbook.  PR2976.S3374 1987 Contents: The Elizabethan World; Eric Ives -- Shakespeare's Life; David Daniell -- Elizabethan & Jacobean Theater; Andy Peasecki -- The Plays; Rosalind King . . . et al -- Shakespeare in Performance; Ronnie Mulryne -- Poetry; Philip Edwards -- Music & Song; John Steane -- Shakespeare on Film; Roger Manvell.

Shakespeare's Histories. Comprehensive Research and Study Guide. PR2982.S49 2000

Shakespeare's Imagery and What It Tells Us. PR3081.S64 Study of imagery to illuminate Shakespeare's mind and thought.

Shakespeare's Language: A Glossary of Unfamiliar Words in His Plays and Poems. PR2892.S447 1996 "This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in making sense of one of the world's greatest playwrights. Newcomers to Shakespeare will find it clear and easy to use, while experts will be impressed by its scope and scholarship."

Shakespeare's Romances. Comprehensive Research and Study Guide. PR2981.5.S49 1999

Shakespeare's Shakespeare: How the Plays Were Made. PR3091.M43 1997 "Through an examination of seven well-known plays Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear, A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, Richard II, Henry IV, Part 1, Meagher uncovers Shakespeare as an artist, director, and actor.

Shakespeare's Tragedies. Comprehensive Research and Study Guide. PR2983.S445 1999

Shakespeare's Tragedies. PR2983.R27 Aims to help readers come into contact with the tragedies not as scholars, but simply as human beings. Key aspects of each tragedy are highlighted.

Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence. PR2983.M78 1979 Muir claims that theories about Shakespearean tragedy may distort the meaning of individual plays. Discusses all tragedies in chronological order. Companion volume to Shakespeare's Comic Sequence.

Shame in Shakespeare. PR2983 F47 2002 "This book aims to reveal a constant preoccupation, even an obsession, with shame in the work of William Shakespeare... Shakespearean shame turns out to be the way to relationship with the world outside the self."

Shylock: A Legend & Its Legacy. PR2825.G76 1992 An account of the elements that went into Shylock's making, but primarily an attempt to trace his subsequent fortunes -in the theater, at the hands of critics and commentators, as an inspiration to other writers, as a symbol and a source of debate.

The Sources of Shakespeare's Plays. PR2952.M84 1978 Shows possible sources of Shakespeare's plots and how his general reading became part of his work.

Such Is My Love: A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets. PR2848.P46 1985 Pequigney argues that in describing his love for both a male friend and a woman, Shakespeare writes about himself.

Understanding Hamlet: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents. PR2807.C76 1998. Contains essays, poems, histories, treatises, offical documents, stories, religious tracts, homilies, memoirs, engravings, village records, illustrations, study questions, topics for written and oral exploration and a list of suggested readings.

Understanding King Lear. A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents. PR2819.U54 2004. Studies the combined elements of political and domestic tragedy in historical context, focuses on genre, character archetypes, themes, the incorporation of elements of fairy tale, legend, and history, and how King Lear is related to contemporary issues of the treatment of the elderly in our society.

Understanding Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents. PR2808.D47 1998. Contains a literary interpretation of the play, study questions, and project ideas examining the cultural and historical context, including a biography of Caesar and Brutus, Elizabethan theater sequels, comparison to Lincoln assassination, rap version of the play for student performance, parodies, popular allusions, and a basic English version.

Understanding the Tempest: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents. PR2833.N67 2004. Examines the issues of race, class, political power, and colonialism from dramatic, contemporary and historial perspectives, includes primary documents, brief chronologies, topics for written and oral discussion and further readings.

The Wheel of Fire: Interpretations of Shakespearean Tragedy, with Three New Essays. PR2983.K6 1961 An imaginative analysis of Shakespeare, that pays attention to symbolic overtone and poetic atmosphere, as well as plot and character.

William Shakespeare: A Literary Life. PR2975.D98 1989 Traces Shakespeare's literary career in a balanced and undogmatic way, recognizing that many questions relating to Shakespeare and his background remain intensely controversial.

William Shakespeare: A Reader's Guide. Ref PR2976.H32 1971 The object of the book is to induce a noticing mood, to encourage attentive reading, and to save the fundamental, the conspicuous, the important, from being dismissed as elementary.

William Shakespeare: The Tragedies. PR2983.J67 1985 Examines certain key elements that each play shares with the others and with its time, while concentrating on Shakespeare's unique achievement in each play.

William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Modern Critical Interpretations. PR2827.W54 1987

William Shakespeare's As You Like It. Modern Critical Interpretations. PR2803.W56 2004

William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Modern Critical Interpretations. PR2807 .W456 1986

William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Modern Critical Interpretations. PR2823.W48 1987

William Shakespeare's The Tempest. Modern Critical Interpretations. PR2833 .W48 1988

The Woman's Part: Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare. PR2991.W6 Lenz examines women in Shakespeare's works while exploring themes such as rape, female sexuality, and women as actors.

Producing and Performing Shakespeare

The BBC Shakespeare Plays: Making the Televised Canon. PR3093.W55 1991. History and analysis of the BBC series of the entire Shakespeare canon of thirty-seven plays televised between 1978 and 1985 from planning and rehearsal to taping and editing.

Discovering Shakespeare: A New Guide To the Plays. PR3091.B68 1981. Based on the premise that we should read and study the plays as if we were rehearsing them, and that we should then attempt to imagine performances.

Elizabethan Drama and the Viewer's Eye. PR651.D4. To appreciate the full richness of Elizabethan drama, the modern reader must bring the interpretative perception of the critic, the theatrical insights of the director, and the contextual knowledge of the historian.

Imaginary Audition: Shakespeare on Stage and Page. PR2820.B47 1989. Responds to a current conflict in Shakespeare studies between proponents of close reading of the academic armchair variety and proponents of what is called theater-centered or performance-centered interpretation.

Prefaces to Shakespeare. 2 vols.  PR2976.G673. Shakespeare's plays are examined with an eye to the stagecraft Shakespeare would have wanted to convey his meaning.

Shakespeare Aloud, A Guide to His Verse on Stage. PR3085.B78. Brubaker argues that Shakespeare chose verse as the best vehicle for effective performance of his plays.

Shakespeare and the Film. PR3093.M3 1979. An examination of major films adapted from Shakespeare's plays during the period of the sound film.

Shakespeare on Television: An Anthology of Essays and Reviews. PR3093.S54 1988. An anthology for anyone interested in exploring how Shakespeare should - and should not - be produced for television.

Shakespeare, Our Contemporary. PR2979.P58.K6 1974. A study of major plays that have had a strong influence on theatrical productions.

Shakespeare's Game. PR2995.G5. This book is an out growth from a graduate seminar in play-writing. It was felt that all the questions about play writing can be answered by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Imagery, and What It Tell Us. PR3081.S64. Studying the imagery in Shakespeare's works will throw light on 1 Shakespeare's personality, temperament and thought, and 2 on the themes and characters of the plays.

Shakespeare's Soliloquies. PR2997.S7.C4813 1987. This study of Shakespeare's soliloquies provides us with insights not only into the characters' motives and thoughts, but also the evocative power of his poetry and his skill in creating dramatic illusion.

Media Presentation


All's Well That Ends Well. DVD PR2801.A23 2000. Cast: Celia Johnson, Ian Charleson, Michael Hordern, Angela Down, Peter Jeffrey, etc. (141 min.)

Antony and Cleopatra. DVD PR2802.A23 2000. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1981. Cast: John Paul, Jonathan Adams, Jane Lapotaire , Colin Blakely, Darien Angadi, etc. (171 min.)

As You Like It.  DVD PR2803 A2 A8 2007   Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Kevin Line, Alfred Molina, Brian Blessed, Romola Garai, Adrian Lester, Janet McTeer, David Oyelowo.   (127 min.)

Cymbeline. DVD PR2806.A2.J63 2000. Cast: Richard Johnson, Hugh Thomas, Aimée Delamain, Claire Bloom, Helen Mirren, Michael Pennington, John Kane, Nicholas Young, Paul Jesson, Robert Lindsay, etc. (174 min.)

Falstaff: Chimes at Midnight. DVD PN1997.F343 2005. Cast: Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Margaret Rutherford, John Gielgud. Narration based on Holingshed's Chronicles spoken by Ralph Richardson. (105 min.)

Hamlet.   DVD PR2807 A23 2007.   The first full text film of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.   Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Julie Christie, Billy Crystal, Gerard Depardieu, Charlton Heston, Derek Jacobi, Jack Lemmon, Rufus Sewell, Robin Williams, Kate Winslet.   (2 discs   242 min.)

Hamlet.  DVD PN1997 G247 2006.   In Russian with English subtitles.   Cast: Innokenti Smoktunovsky, Mikhail Nazvanov, Elsa Radzin, Yuri Tolubevev, Anastasia Vertinskaya    (140 min.)

Hamlet: The Extraordinary Telling of a Classic Tale. DVD PR 2807.A2.H5 2004. Cast: Mel Gibson, Glenn Close, Alan Bates, Paul Scofield, Ian Holm, Helena Bonham-Carter. (135 min).

Henry IV. DVD PR2810 A23 2000.  Produced by BBC & Time-Life Films.  Digitally remastered; picture & sound enhanced; word for word as written by William Shakespeare.  Cast: Anthony Quale, David Gwillim.   (2 discs  298 min.)

Henry VDVD PR2812 A23 H4 2000.  Cast: David Gwillim, Alec McCowen, Tim Wulton, Brian Povser, Trevor Baxter, Bryan Pringle, Jocelyne Boisseau.     (163 min.)

Henry V. DVD PR2812.A23.O5 1999. Originally released as motion picture in 1944. Audio commentary by film historian Bruce Eder. Cast: Laurence Olivier, Robert Newton, Leslie Banks, etc. (137 min.).

Henry VI. DVD PR2813 A1 2000. Cast : Peter Benson, Trevor Peacock, Julia Foster, Bernard Hill.  The first part of Henry the Sixth (188 min.); the second part of Henry the Sixth (214 min.); the third part of Henry the Sixth (212 min.).   3 discs (614 min.)

Hobart Shakespeareans.  DVD LB1563 L6 H63 2006.  Stuart, Mel.  Docurama.  About a Los Angeles elementary school teacher who teaches his students to understand and perform Shakespeare as a motivational teaching tool and unique method of education.   (52 min.)

In Search of Shakespeare. DVD PR2894.I49 2003 Pt. 1-2. An intimate look at William Shakespeare and his world. (240 min.)

King Henry V. DVD PR2819.A2.K55 2001 & DVD PR2812.A2.V73 2000 The Arden Shakespeare Third Series. "This edition of King Henry V, by T.W. Craik, first published in 1995 by Routledge."

King Henry V. DVD PR2812.A2.V73 2000.

King Lear.  DVD PR2819 A23 K56 2009.  Originally broadcast on television on the television show Great Performances in 2008. Cast: Ian McKellen, Frances Barber, Monica Dolan, Romola Garai, Peter Hinton, Jonathan Hyde, Seymour Matthews, William Gaunt, Sylvester McCoy, Philip Winchester.   (155 min.)

King Lear. DVD PR2819.A2.K56 2004. Masterpiece Theatre Series. Based on the 1997 Royal National Theatre production, widely considered the finest staging of King Lear in the past decade. Cast: Ian Holm, Barbara Flynn, Amanda Redman, Timothy West, Paul Rhys, Finbar Lynch, Victoria Hamilton. (150 min.)

King Lear. DVD PR2819 A23 K56 2003. Cast: Laurence Olivier, Colin Blakely, Anna Calder-Marshall, Jeremy Kemp, Robert Lang, Robert Lindsay, Leo McKern, David Threlfall, Dorothy Tutin, John Hurt, Diana Rigg. (2 discs  158 min.)

King Lear. DVD PR2819.A2.K55 2001. Originally broadcast in 1974. Cast: Hal Holbrook, James Earl Jones, Douglass Watson, Paul Sorvino, Raul Julia, Rosalind Cash, Lee Chamberlin, Ellen Holly, and other performers. (176 min.)

King Lear. DVD PR2819 A23 2000.  A BBC Televison Production in association with Time-Life Television.  Produced by Shaun Sutton, directed by Jonathan Miller.   New York : Ambrose Video Publications   (185 min.)

King Lear. DVD PR2819.A23 1999.  Cast: Laurence Olivier, Colin Blakely, Anna Calder-Marshall, Jeremy Kemp, Robert Lang, Robert Lindsay, Leo McKern, David Threlfall, Dorothy Tutin, John Hurt, Diana Rigg.   (158 min.)

Korol LirDVD PR2819 A2 F60 2007.   King Lear in Russian with optional English subtitles.   Cast: Yuri Yarvet, Elsa Radzin, Galina Vochek, Valentina Shendrikova, Oleg Dal.   (132 min.)

Love's Labour's Lost. DVD PR2822.A2.L68 2000-1. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1985. Cast: Jonathan Kent, Christopher Blake, Geoffrey Burridge, Mike Gwilym, David Warner, etc. (120 min.)

Macbeth. DVD PR2823.A2.C283 2004. Originally broadcast in 1978. Ian McDiarmid, Bob Peck. (146 min.)

Macbeth. DVD PR2823.A2.B36 2004. Using Shakespeare's classic text, this television production of Macbeth is set in a timeless zone somewhere in the twentieth century against a raw, urban industrial environment. The film is notable for a carefully edited text, which enables students to explore the playwright's handling of passion, murderous fury, betrayal and guilt. (88 min.)

Macbeth. DVD PR2823.A23 2002. Originally released as a motion picture in 1971. Cast: Jon Finch, Francesca Annis, Nicholas Selby, Martin Shaw, Terence Bayler, John Stride, Stephen Chase, Paul Shelly. (140 min.)

Macbeth. DVD PR2823.A23 2000. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1983. Cast: Brenda Bruce, Eileen Way, Anne Dyson, Mark Dignam, James Hazeldine, Christopher Ellison, John Rowe, etc. (148 min.)

Macbeth: Shakespeare 4 Kidz.  DVD. PR2823 A2 C29 2004.  Cast: Jane Kahler, Carly Romin, Ali James, Alan Clarke, Mark Pearce, Chris Hollinshead, Richard Short, Jason Lee Scott, Adam Penford, Steve Paget, Simon Johns, Michelle Connolly, Ben Langley, Spencer Noll, Evelyn O’Malley, Mark Lyminster, Dominic Jinks, Lucy Williamson.   (119 min.)

Merchant of Venice. DVD PR2825.A23 2000. Originally broadcast in 1980. Cast: John Franklyn-Robbins, Gemma Jones, Susan Jameson, Warren Mitchell. (157 min.)

Merchant of Venice. DVD PR2825.A23.R34 2005 Cast: Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes, Lynn Collins, Zuleikha Robinson, Kris Marshall, Charlie Cox, Heather Goldenhersh, Mackenzie Crook, John Sessions, Gregor Fisher, Ron Cook, Allan Corduner, Anton Rodgers, David Harewood, Antonio Gil-Martinez. (131 min.)

Midsummer Night’s Dream.  DVD PN1995.9 C55 M538 2007. Cast: James Cagney, Joe E. Brown, Dick Powell, Jean Muir, Victor Jory, Verree Teasdale, Hugh Herbert, Anita Louise, Frank McHugh, Ross Alexander, Ian Hunter, Mickey Rooney, Olivia de Haviland, Hobert Cavanaugh, Grant Mitchell.  (143 min.)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  DVD PR3039 M52 2004.  Cast: Lucy Williamson, Rachel Battersby, Lisa Williams, Matthew Harper, Graham Davies, David McClelland, Paul Taylor, Mark Lyminster, Steve Paget, James Beal, Richard Gauntlett, Terry Ash, Ben Langley.   (95 min.)

Much Ado about Nothing.  DVD PR2828 A23 2003.  Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Richard Briers, Michael Keaton, Robert Sean Leonard, Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Kate Beckinsale, Brian Blessed.  Originally produced as a motion picture in 1993.   (111 min.)

Muscularity of Language : Motion and Rhythm. DVD PR3072.W63 2004.  Cicely Berry, voice director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, leads will-known American and British actors in exercises focusing on the fundamentals of meter and rhythm in Shakespeare’s verse.   (81 min.)

My Shakespeare.  DVD PN1995.9 L6 M9 2006.  Follow a group of amateur actors from a poor neighborhood in London as they attempt to put on Romeo and Juliet. Director Baz Luhrmann oversees the actors as they go through intense rehearsals to ingrain within them the significance of Shakespeare's play.   (90 min.)

"O". DVD PN1997 .O11 2001 c. 1 & 2 "An update of Othello with a teen cast, and set in a high school. Moving the classic tale of Othello onto the basketball courts of a high school, the story focuses on a young black man named Odin who is convinced by a conniving best friend, Hugo that his girlfriend is cheating on him ... What Odin doesn't know is that Hugo is in fact motivated by his own jealousy of Odin's good fortune ..."--Internet Movie Database. Performers: Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett, Julia Stiles, Eldon Jenson, Andrew Keegan, John Heard, Martin Sheen, Rain Phoenix (94 min).

Othello. DVD PR2829.A23.O853 2000 In this dramatization of William Shakespeare's tragedy a great man's vanity is manipulated by a jealous aide to bring about his downfall. Betrayal, deception and murder end the friendship between Othello and Iago and culminate in the tragic death of Desdemona. Performer: Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Irene Jacob, Kenneth Branagh (123 min).

Othello. DVD PR2829.A23.O85 2004. (205 min.)

Othello. DVD PR2829.A23.O853 2000. Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Irene Jacob, Kenneth Branagh. (123 min.)

Pericles, Prince of Tyre. . DVD PR2830.A23 B75 2000. (177 min.)

Prose and Verse Texts: Language and Imagery Reveal the Character’s Inner Landscape.  DVD PR3072.W65 2004.  Eight exercises help the actor express the underlying motives and intentions of the characters.  (96 min.)

Ran. DVD PN1997.R175 2003 In 16th century Japan, an aging ruler attempts to divide his kingdom among his three sons. They turn against each other and betray their father, triggering events that ultimately shatter the kingdom, destroy the family, and drive their father insane. Based on Shakespeare's King Lear. Cast: Tatsuya Nakadai, Akira Terao, Jinpachi Nezu, Daisuke Ryu, Mieko Harada, Yoshiko Miyazaki (160 min).

Richard II.  DVD PR2820 A23 R545 1987.  Cast: Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, Jon Finch, Wendy Hiller.   (157 min.)

Richard III. DVD PR2821.A2.O558 2004 Pt. 1-2. Originally released as a motion picture in 1955. Cast: Cedric Hardwicke, Nicholas Hannen, Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Mary Kerridge, Paul Huson, Claire Bloom. (About 158 min.)

Romeo and Juliet. DVD PR2831.A37 2000. Release of the 1968 motion picture. Cast: Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting, Milo O'Shea, Michael York, John McEnery, Pat Heywood, Natasha Parry, Robert Stephens. (138 min.)

Shakespeare Conspiracy.  DVD PR2937 S518 2000.  Who was Shakespeare?  Was it really Edward deVere, 17th Earl of Oxford?  This video examines the background for this theory.   (50 min.)

Shakespeare in Love. DVD PN1997.S52 1998. When Will Shakespeare needs passionate inspiration to break a bad case of writer's block, a secret romance with the beautiful Lady Viola starts the words flowing like never before! Cast: Gwyenth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Geofrey Rush, Colin Firth, Ben Affleck, Judi Dench, Simon Callow, Jim Carter, Martin Clunes, Antony Sher, Imelda Staunton, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Williams (122 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 1: Introduction to Shakespeare.  DVD PR2987.S47 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to Shakespeare’s plays.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 2: What is Tragedy?  DVD PR2987.W53 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to Shakespeare’s tragedy’s.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 3: Titus Andronicus.  DVD PR2987.T58 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to Shakespeare’s plays.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 4: Romeo & Juliet.  DVD PR2987.R66 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to this classic romance.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 5: Hamlet Themes.   DVD PR2987.H25 2004   The award-winning Standard Deviants School teaches students the basics of Shakespeare's Hamlet.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 6: Hamlet Themes.   DVD PR2987.H26 2004   The award-winning Standard Deviants School teaches students the basics of Shakespeare's Hamlet.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 7: Othello Basics.  DVD PR2987.O84 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to Othello.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 8: Othello as a Tragedy.  DVD PR2987.O85 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School teaches the in-depth insights of Othello as a tragedy.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 9: Macbeth Basics.  DVD PR2987.M33 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to Macbeth.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 10: The Characters of Macbeth.  DVD PR2987.M34 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School helps you explore the characters of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, and the three witches.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 11: King Lear Basics.  DVD PR2987.K56 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School gives students an introduction to King Lear.   (26 min.)

Shakespeare, Program 12: Approaches to King Lear.  DVD PR2987.K57 2004.  The award-winning Standard Deviants School helps you examine the important scenes and characters and see what makes this tragedy so great.  (26 min.)

Shakespeare Sessions.  DVD PR3091.S52 2002.  Subjects covered include: Shakespeare’s advice to the actor, changing gears from prose to verse, the questions reveal the character, handling emotion, setting the word against the word, and connecting with the audience.  (60 min.)

Shakespeare: The Animated Tales.  DVD PR2877 S53 2004.  The animation was done by leading Russian artists.   Disc 1: Tempest, Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It;  Disc 2: Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Richard III;  Disc 3: Romeo and Juliet, Othello Winter’s Tale;  Disc 4: Macbeth, Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night.   (4 discs   300 min.  Each tale is approximately 25 minutes)

Shakespeare Tragedies: Titus Andronicus, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet. DVD PR2987.S53 2000. Through 'cutting edge' technology and the use of interactive menus of topics and tests, the tragedies of Shakespeare are studied with immediate feedback in the process of learning. Performers: The Standard Deviants (120 min).

Shakespeare Tragedies: Origins and Style. DVD PR2983.S53 2000. The comic education team presents information about Shakespeare and tragedy. Performers: The Standard Deviants (67 min).

Shakespeare’s Globe Restored : Much Ado about Something!  DVD PR3095.S4 1997.  A student production of selected scenes from Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado about Nothing, performed in the restored Globe Theatre.  (30 min.)

Shakespeare’s Soliloquies. DVD PR2879.S53 2004. Join a troupe of actors in various stages of rehearsal, presenting some of the bard's most poignant speeches that have earned their illustrious place in the history of theater, and in all of literature. (40 min.)

Shakespeare’s Women & Claire Bloom.  DVD PR2992.S435 2005. Venerable actress Claire Bloom reflects on her vast repertoire of Shakespearean roles. Features film clips and taped live stage productions.  (54 min.)

Steps of Shakespeare : London and Stratford.  DVD PR2916 S45 2005.  A guided tour through London and Stratford, England and the sites of particular importance in Shakespeare's life.  (43 min.)

Timon of Athens. DVD PR2834.A23 2000. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1981. (120 min.)

Titus. DVD PR2835.A23.T3 2000 Pt. 1-2. Originally released as motion picture in 1999. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, etc. (162 min.)

Throne of Blood.  DVD PN1997.K86 2003.  Adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, set in feudal Japan. Tells the story of a Samurai lord who kills his master and usurps his power in fulfillment of a witch's prophecy.  (109 min.)

Tragedy of Coriolanus. DVD PR2805.A23 2000. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1984. (145 min.)

Troilus and Cressida. DVD PR2836.A23 2000. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1981. (190 min.)

Twelfth Night. DVD PR2837 A23 2005. Cast: Helena Bobhan Carter, Richard E. Grant, Nigel Hawthorne, Ben Kingsley, Mel Smith.   (133 min.)

Twelfth Night. DVD PR2837.A2.S65 2003. Cast: Parminder Nagra, Ronny Jhulti, Chiwetel Ejlofor, Claire Price, Zubin Varla, Michael Maloney. Features an Anglo-Indian cast and follows twins Viola and Sebastian, asylum seekers who are separated and washed up on the strange isle of Illyria - a contemporary-multicultural London dreamscape that is both soulful and sensual, yet dark and dangerous. (102 min.)

Two Gentlemen of Verona. DVD PR2838 .A23 2000. Cast: Frank Barrie, Tessa Peake-Jones, Hetta Charnley, Tyler Butterworth, etc. (137 min.)

Under the Text : Subtext and the World of the Play.  DVD PR3072.W64 2004.  Cicely Berry, voice director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, leads will-known American and British actors in exercises focusing on how the language is the subtext.  (90 min.)

Voice Preparation Workshop.  DVD PR3072.W67 2004.  Workshop offers direct, experienced, and artistically stimulating guidance for actors of all ages who wish to explore their vocal potential and realize the demands and rewards of both classical and modern text.  (97 min.)

Whole Voice : Its Sound and Range(The).  DVD  PR3072.W66 2004.  Cicely Barry, voice director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, leads well-known American and British actors in exercises on the muscularity of consonants and on the openness of vowels, relation to root the voice and give it depth and range and resonance to find its strength without tension, and to find their own individual sound, their voice.  (82 min)

William Shakespeare: A Life of Drama.  DVD PR2894 W55 2002. Originally broadcast as a segment of Biography.  Host: Peter Graves, Narrator: Charles Glass.   (47 min.)

William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. DVD PR2827.A23.W55 1999. Cast: Rupert Everett, Calista Flockhart, Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, Stanley Tucci, Christian Bale, Sophie Marceau, David Strathairn. (120 min.)

William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.  DVD PR2831 A2 L83 2002.  Originally released as a motion picture in 1997. A modern adaptation of the classic love story, moved to the futuristic urban backdrop of Verona Beach.  Cast: Leonardo di Caprio, Claire Danes, Brian Dennehy, John Leguizamo.   (120 min.)

William Shakespeare's the Taming of the Shrew. Originally produced as a motion picture in 1967. DVD PR2832 A23 1999. Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Michael York, etc. (122 min.)

Winter's Tale. DVD PR2839.A23 2000. Originally broadcast on BBC in 1981. (173 min.)

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Antony & Cleopatra. MV 21180 Pt. 1 & 2. Performers Are: Timothy Dallon, Lynn Redgrave, Nichelle Nichols, John Carradine.

As You Like It.MV 21791. Shakespeare's comedy about "the roles society sometimes forces us to play." Performers: Helen Mirren, Richard Pasco, Brian Stirner, James Bolan, Angharad Rees.

As You Like It. MV21790. Shakespeare's comedy with Olivier as Orlando and Bergner as Rosalind, originally released in 1936 by United Artists. Performers: Laurence Olivier, Elisabeth Bergner, Sophie Stewart, Felix Aylmer.

Comedy of Errors. MV 21947. Performers: Geordie Johnson, Keith Dinicol, Nicholas Pennell, James Blendick and others.

Comedy of Errors. MV 21872. Performers: Cyril Cusack, Charles Gray, Michael Kitchen, Roger Daltrey.

Discovering Hamlet. MV 21127. Follows the week-by-week progress of the Renaissance Theatre Company preparing to stage a production of Hamlet. Directed by Derek Jacobi. Performers are: Kenneth Branagh, Richard Easton, Edward Jewesbury, Sophie Thompson, Jay Villiers.

Henry IV, Part 1. MV 21004. Performers are: Anthony Quayle, Jon Finch, David Gwillim, Tim Piggot-Smith, Michele Dotrice, Brenda Bruce.

Henry IV, Part 2. MV 21005. Performers are: Anthony Quayle, Jon Finch, David Gwillim, Robert Eddison, Brenda Bruce, Michele Dotrice, Frances Cuka.

Henry V. MV 21210. Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired. Performers are: Kenneth Branagh, Paul Scofield, Derek Jacobi, Ian Holm, Emma Thompson, Alec McCowen, Judi Dench, Christian Bale, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Simon Rattle, conductor.

King Lear. MV 21003. Performers are: Laurence Olivier, Colin Balkely, Anna Calder-Marshall, John Hurt, Jeremy Kemp, Robert Lang, Robert Lindsay, Leo McKern, Diana Rigg, David Threlfall, Dorothy Tutin.

Macbeth. MV 21040. Originally released as a motion picture by Republic Pictures in 1948. Videorecording is based on the restored film version by the UCLA Film Archives and the Folger Shakespeare Library. Performers: Orson Welles, Jeannette Nolan, Dan O'Herlithy, Roddy McDowall, Edgar Barrier, Alan Napier.

Macbeth. MV 20960. A Royal Shakespeare Company production. Performers: Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Roger Rees, Bob Peck, Griffith Jones, John Woodvine, John Brown, Grey Hicks.

Midsummer Night's Dream. MV 20983. A Films for the Humanities and the New York Shakespeare Festival presentation. Performers: William Hurt, Michele Shay, Marcell Rosenblatt and Jeffrey DeMunn.

Othello. MV 21031. Performers: Anthony Pedley, Bob Hoskins, Alexander Darvion, Anthony Hopkins, David Yelland, Joseph O'Conor, Penelope Wilton, Rosemary Leach, Tony Steedman.

Othello. MV 21331, pt. 1 and 2. A controversial and powerful interpretation of Shakespeare's tragedy; performed before a multi-racial audience in South Africa.

Playing Shakespeare. MV 21808 v. 1-11. Presenter and director John Barton guides members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in discussions of Shakespeare's work so as to understand its meaning and thus add to their performance of his works. Contents: 1. Speaking Shakespearean verse; 2. Preparing to perform Shakespeare; 3. The two traditions; 4. Using the verse; 5. Language and character; 6. Set speeches and soliloquies; 7. Irony and ambiguity; 8. Passion and coolness; 9. Rehearsing the text; 10. Exploring a character; 11. Poetry and hidden poetry.

Richard II. MV 21006. Performers: Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, Jon Gielgud, Jon Finch, Wendy Hillier, Charles Gray, Mary Morris.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. MV 21508. Inventive comedy of Hamlet as told from the viewpoint of two of the work's supporting characters. Performers: Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Richard Dreyfuss, and others.

Shakespeare and The Globe. MV 21002. In an effort to enhance the understanding of Shakespeare's plays, this program brings together visuals dealing with Elizabethan London and the Globe Theater, theatrical traditions at the time, and sites associated with Shakespeare's life and family. Includes excerpts from performances.

Shakespeare Explorations with Patrick Stewart: As You Like It, Rosalind & Celia. MV 21282. Stewart, Juliet Stevenson and Fiona Shaw, discuss and act selected parts of As You Like It, paying particular attention to the characters of Rosalind and Celia.

Shakespeare: The Man and His Times. MV 21946. Designed for literature, history or drama classes: Shakespeare's life and Elizabethan theater.

Speaking Shakespearean Verse. MV 21035. Made by London Weekend Television in 1979. Members of the Royal Shakespeare interpret the rhythms and pronunciation of Shakespeare's English.

Tempest. MV 20828. Performers: Maurice Evans, Richard Burton, Roddy McDowal, Tom Poston, Liam Redmond, Lee Remick.

Thousand Acres. Written by Laura Jones and Jane Smiley. MV 22837. Performers: Jessica Lange, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jason Robards. "King Lear" set on a farm in Iowa.

Twelfth Night. MV 21007. Performers: Alec McCowen, Trevor Peacock, Felicity Kendall.

Understanding Shakespeare: The Tragedy Series. MV 21788, pt. 1-4. Key scenes of the plays are enacted by classically trained actors, then analyzed and interpreted by internationally renowned Shakespeare scholars. Insightful comments help explain meaning, characters, motives, background action and plot.

William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. MV22263. Performers: Leonardo di Caprio, Claire Danes, Brian Dennehy, John Leguizamo, Pete Postlethwaite, Paul Sorvino, Diane Venora.



A Midsummer Night's Dream; Overture, Op. 21 & Incidental Music Op. 61 (Excerpts); Symphony No. 4 in A Major "Italian." CD. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. CD 10314. William Shakespeare musical settings. Performer: Kenneth Branagh, narrator; Sylvia McNair.(78 min).

Kiss Me, Kate: Original Broadway Cast Recording. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter. CD 10753. (55 min).

Shakespeare in Love. CD 10693. (56 min).

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