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Listed below are the names and contact information for all part-time mathematics faculty.


Title Last Name First Name Email
Ms. Anderson Sylvia
Mr. Badal David
Dr. Barnett Charles n/a
Ms. Belak Diane
Ms. Boercker Dale
Dr. Boercker David
Ms. Crawford Jennie
Mr. Darck Jeffrey
Dr. DeMange Paul
Mr. Dunn William
Ms. Edwards Lucy n/a
Ms. Graham Jennie
Dr. Hannon Willard (Jim)
Ms. Hoang Trang
Ms. Horne Darcy
Ms. Inkelis Karen n/a
Dr. Jamasbi Nooshin
Mr. Langendorff Eric
Dr. Longmuir Alan
Dr.. Maiti Amitesh
Ms. Maiti Baishali n/a
Mr. Melendez Ralph n/a
Dr. Mohebi Mehrdad
Dr. Nelson Dennis
Mr. Pinto Vincenzo
Mr. Powers David
Ms. Santos Rina n/a
Mr. Teruya Alan n/a
Ms. Tyler Stephanie
Dr. White Warren (Travis) n/a

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Page last modified: June 06, 2011