Math X Program

Math 71 A/B Applied Mathematics for Technicians

Students enrolled in Math 71A or 71B have the option of working online or out of a textbook. Students electing to work online purchase a MyMathLab access code for their course. The online materials include access to the full textbook, online exercise sets and many support features. Students who do not wish to work online must purchase the textbook and will complete homework exercises using paper and pencil.

Textbook: Carman, R. A., Saunders, H. M., Mathematics for the Trades, current edition.

Required Materials: Answer Sheets for Math X Lab tests (available in LPC bookstore)

Course Description: In this applied math course, calculator techniques will be presented for whole number and decimal arithmetic problem-solving, fraction-decimal conversions, geometry, numerical trigonometry; conversions between the U.S. and metric systems; emphasis on application from technical fields. Course is offered as letter grade only.

Expected Course Outcomes: Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of significant digits and their relationship to measurements;
  • demonstrate competence using a calculator to compute arithmetic operations involving measurements;
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the U.S. and metric units of length, area, volume, mass, temperature and time;
  • perform length, weight and capacity reductions and conversions between the U.S. and metric systems;
  • perform numerical evaluations of formulas and expressions;
  • solve linear equations using the addition and multiplication principles of equality;
  • demonstrate a knowledge of ratios, proportions and percentages and their applications;
  • demonstrate knowledge of geometric figures and their properties;
  • perform elementary calculations involving numerical trigonometry;
  • demonstrate an understanding of polar coordinates;
  • use various measuring instruments accurately;
  • apply the concepts learned to specific real-life applications from diverse technical fields.

Errata: See your instructor regarding any textbook errors.

Purpose: This Task Sheet is designed to help you keep track of your progress and grades. Your goal should be to take a maximum of two semesters to complete the entire Math 71 course. We suggest you write down your target test dates given in orientation in the “Target Date” columns. Once you have taken an exam, record your grade in the grade columns.

Task Sheet

71A (1.5 units)

Chapter Target Date My Grade(s)
1* Arithmetic of Whole Numbers    
2* Fractions    
3 Decimal Numbers    
4 Ratio, Proportion, Percent    
5* Measurement    
Final Chap. 1 - 5    


71B (1.5 units)

Chapter Target Date My Grade(s)
6 Pre-Algebra    
7 Basic Algebra    
8* Practical Plane Geometry    
9* Solid Figures    
10* Triangle Trigonometry    
Final Chap. 6-10    


* Specials Notes/Omissions:

  • *Chap. 1 & 2 Calculators are not allowed.
  • *Chap. 5 Approximate conversion factors for speed and volume are provided. Also provided are temperature conversion formulas.
  • *Chap. 8 The area and perimeter formulas are provided.
  • *Chap. 9 Formulas for lateral surface areas and volumes of solid figures are provided on the Chap. 9 Test. The table of volume unit conversions is also provided.
  • *Chap. 10 The Law of Sines and Cosines plus linear speed equations are provided on the test.

Additional Support:

Please see the following information for additional suggestions for how to be successful in this course!

Need Help Succeeding?

The Math X Program provides you with an alternative way to learn mathematics. No one stands in front of the class lecturing to you about the material. As stated prior, attendance at your regular class time is required. However, for most students, time spent working during class hours is not enough time spent doing math to succeed! In general, for every hour of class, you should be spending a half hour to an hour on homework. There are many resources available to you, during and after class, to support you in your learning!

Extra Support Suggestions

  • We suggest reading the text in each of the sections and doing example problems imbedded in the text after big concepts. Research has proved that the best way to learn is to do! Once you have read the section, work a significant number of problems in the Section Exercises, as well as in the Chapter Problem Sets at the end of each chapter. The answers to the all problems are available in the back of the book.
  • The instructor and instructional assistant are available to assist you by tutoring, answering questions and grading tests. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Your instructor is available outside of class during his or her office hours – ask them for their schedule. The Math X instructors and assistants are here to support your learning needs whenever the Math X classroom is open.
  • The Integrated Learning Center is a wonderful resource for all LPC students! The Math Department has provided free lab assistance because we believe that learning mathematics is easier with the help of your instructors and fellow students. ILC is located in Building 1200.
  • Free One-On-One Tutoring is available through peer tutoring services offered in Building 2400. Every week your tutor will meet with you, discuss your areas of concern and assist you in understanding the material. We encourage you to sign up early!

The Math X Program is a mastery-learning program. Therefore, you must show you have mastered the material in each chapter by scoring at least 84% or better on the exams before moving to the next chapter. There are supports in place to help you succeed – take advantage of all LPC has to offer!

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017