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“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”   Abigail Adams, 1780

Welcome to the Math X Program!   The Math X Program provides you with an alternative way to learn mathematics, specifically Math 55, 65, 71 and 107.  No one stands in front of the class lecturing to you about the material.  You learn the material by reading the text and working a significant number of homework problems.  In addition, there are Extra Support Suggestions listed in your specific course syllabus. 

Why Take A Course in Math X?!

This course is designed for students to …

  • work at their own pace
  • those who need more time to take tests, or
  • those trying to reduce math anxiety. 

The Math X Program is a Mastery Learning program. It requires you prove that you have mastered the material by passing each chapter exam with a score of 84% or better, before proceeding to the next chapter.  Your instructor and instructional assistant are available to assist you by means of limited tutoring, answering questions, grading tests, setting guidelines and other requirements to help you be successful.

About Learning Math

We commend you for your commitment to enroll in our Math X Program.  Commitment to learning is vital to your success in this program.  A learning brain requires focus, attention and motivation, according to psychologists. 

This program requires students to have:

  • regular attendance
  • diligence with homework
  • effort to construct a working relationship with your instructor and instructional assistant
  • determination to be successful

You must bring these characteristics with you to each and every class.  Come with the desire to learn!  We will be here to help you!      


Student Expectations:

  • Attendance:  Attend class regularly.  Sign in and out using the SARS-Trak computer terminals. Communicate immediately with your instructor regarding any special attendance issues.  You may be dropped if you have missed 4 consecutive hours or 6 cumulative hours of class time.  NEVER assume the instructor will drop you automatically. 
  • Homework:  Complete the required homework prior to testing and be prepared to produce it before testing.  For most students, additional time outside of class is necessary in order to be successful!  In general, for every hour of class time, you should be spending an additional ½ to 1 hour on homework.  All students are required to furnish their own textbooks and supplies.  Check Bookstore policies on returns, buy-backs, and how to avoid book thefts. 
  • Communication:  Communicate frequently with your instructor on your progress or any problems you are encountering.  Online, you can log onto Blackboard to access any announcements, and other important information for the Math X Program.  To log on and access Blackboard on the Las Positas College website.  Go to Online Learning, click on “Blackboard Login Procedure” and follow the directions.  
  • Behavior:  Use proper classroom etiquette (be quiet, respectful of others, etc.). Adhere to the Academic Honesty Policy.  Read and observe any posted Blackboard and classroom announcements.  Follow any policies, procedures or rules for the Math X Program and the Las Positas College.  Proper behavior helps keep everyone’s focus on the key priorities!


Is Math X Lab Right for Me?

While offering many non-traditional approaches to benefit students, the Math X Program may not be appropriate for all types of learners.  Students with the maturity to set goals, seek help when needed, work independently using good time management and planning skills are the most likely to succeed in this self-paced environment.  Strict auditory learners may benefit from a more traditional style classroom as well as students needing more structure with deadlines.  Talk to your instructor if you have any questions whether or not this program will be a good fit for your learning style and characteristics.  If interested, ask your Instructional Assistant for our Learning Assessment tool to help you identify your predominate learning style.


How does Math X work?

  • Attendance is mandatory.  You must attend the first class period to receive the orientation information.  Those who are absent the first day will be dropped.  You are expected to sign in and sign out, for each Math X class session on SARS-Trak.  Roll call may be taken as needed.  While you study, you may use I-pods or MP3 players with headphones as long as they do not bother others.  Please turn your cell phones and other electronic devices to silent and take all calls outside the classroom.  Food consumption is discouraged inside the math lab.  Feel free to take a 5 minute break at the tables outside the room.
  • Placement in the appropriate course is important.  If you feel your placement is incorrect, ask your instructor or instructional assistant to assist you.  You may be able to retake the Placement Exam, appeal through the Prerequisite review process, or be referred to a counselor.
  • Progress is self-paced but everyone is expected to finish at least one module by the end of the semester.  One module is one half of the full course.  You have the opportunity to complete as many modules as you possibly can.  The record number of units earned in one semester is 14!!  You will be given a suggested schedule for when to take the chapter tests in order to keep you on track for completion by the semester’s end.  You should plan to pass at least three chapters in your module by the “W” date in order to finish the module by the end of the semester.  If you will be unable to finish the module, please consider dropping yourself from the class with a “W.”  If you do not withdraw yourself from the course by the “W” date and then do not finish by the semester end, you will receive a grade of “F” or “No Credit.”
  • Using the textbook and homework- Students enrolled in Math 107, 65 or 55 will complete all homework assignments on-line by logging onto MyMathLab™.  The assigned problems will be selected automatically for you when you log in and select a section to work on. Students enrolled in Math 71 have the option of working online or out of a purchased textbook (click here for more information). Those working out of the textbook should follow the homework guidelines on the Math 71A/B Task sheet.
    Your textbook contains the mathematics material you are expected to learn with examples, exercises, and practice tests.  For students using MyMathLab™, the program will tell you whether you have the correct answer or not. Students in Math 71 who are using the textbook can check their own answers using the answer appendix in the back of the book.
  • Getting Help- your instructor and instructional assistant are available to answer any of your questions.  When they are busy, add your name to the “Help” list on the blackboard.  Please do not feel embarrassed to ask for help.  Each of your questions is important to us!  You may get additional help by attending other Math X classes; add your name to the help board with your instructor’s name in parentheses.  Your questions will be addressed as soon as the students in the current class session have been helped. 


The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing." - John Powell

Information on Testing

Once you have finished the assigned chapter homework, taken the Chapter Test from your text, corrected your mistakes & feel comfortable with the content of the chapter, you are ready to take the chapter exam. 

  • Procedure:  Fill out a blue Answer Sheet completely and take it along with your chapter homework to your Instructional Assistant or Instructor to receive the exam.  Always verify that you were given the proper exam before starting the test.  Follow the testing room rules below.  Show all your work on the blue answer sheet or scratch paper.  In order to receive partial credit, be sure to number all the problems and answers and show your work clearly.  Once completed, be sure to check your exam answers for omissions and errors.  Staple all scratch paper used to the blue form.  Place your stapled blue answer form & used scratch in the “Completed Test” box in the office and return unused scratch to the adjacent box. 
  • Grading your test:  You must leave all exams, answer sheets, and scratch paper inside the testing area.  After completing the exam, add your name to the “Test” completed area on the board during your class period.  Only your instructor can grade your test.  (S)he will go over any mistakes with you as soon as possible. 
  • Moving to the Next Chapter:  Only when your exam score is 84% or better (a passing score), may you go on to the next chapter.  This passing score is the same for the credit/no credit option.  You may not re-take the chapter exam once you have passed the chapter.  If your grade is less than 84% (a not passing score), you must retake the exam on a different form after reviewing your mistakes.  Be sure not to repeat the same form when asking for the next test.  You have three (3) chances to pass the chapter exam. 
  • Testing times:  The exam must be completed in one sitting.  You may not leave the testing room until you are finished.  Except during Finals Week, there is no time limit for the exam as long as the Math X classroom is open (hours are posted near the door to the classroom).  You may test during your class time or any time the Math X classroom is open, until the last week of the semester when some restrictions may be put in place.
  • Testing tips-  Don’t rush; take the test when you can allow the maximum amount of time.  Check your answers for omissions.  Do they seem logical?  Is the rounding correct?  Think positively! Remember your homework has prepared you for this exam.

Testing Room Rules:

    • You may only bring in your blue Answer Sheet, valid photo ID, pens/pencils, and a basic or scientific calculator.  You will be provided with everything else including paper, rulers, etc.  Students in Math 107A taking Chapters 1, 2, and 3 or Math 71A taking Chapter 1 or 2 exams may not use calculators of any type.
    • No communication is allowed except with the Instructional Assistant.
    • Cell phones, I-pods/MP3 players, graphing calculators or other electronic devices are never allowed in the testing room.
    • Cheat sheets and notes are never allowed in the testing room. 
    • The exam must be completed in one sitting.  Once you leave the testing room area, you are considered finished and the exam will be collected, even if you are not done.  This rule includes even brief trips to the restroom or to the classroom.
    • All tests will be collected at closing time, even if not completed.

Final exams

You must pass all your chapter tests in your module before taking the final exam.  You should take the final within one week of completing the chapter exams in your module.  The Final Exam will count double as compared to the chapter exams.  It may be taken only once, but can be taken any time during the semester once all chapter tests are passed.  If taken during Finals Day, the final exam may be taken only during your assigned final exam time.  The date and time will be given to you during the first day orientation.  No chapter tests may be taken during the Final Exam Day!!  


How Grades are Calculated

Courses in the Math X Program may be taken for a letter grade or credit/no credit.  Cutoffs are:

  • Letter Grades:  
    • A= 92-100   
    • B= 84-91   
    • C= 76-83    
    • D= 68-75    
    • F= <68
  • Credit/No credit:            
    • Credit= 76-100     
    • No Credit= 0-75 (request this option prior to the deadline via A&R in Bldg. 700 or Class-Web.)
  • Your grade is determined by averaging the scores of your chapter exams and doubling your final exam score. Your chapter exam score is also an average of all exams taken to pass that chapter.  Remember you may have tested as many as three times on the chapter before passing.  Before computing the final chapter exam scores, your lowest single non-passing (less than 84%) chapter test is omitted.   The final average is converted to a letter grade.
  • After the “W” date has passed on the 12th week of the semester (6th week of the summer sission), you must pass all the expected chapter exams and the FINAL exam to pass the module.  If you cannot finish after this “W” date, you will receive a semester grade of “F” or “No Credit.”  Be aware of the “all or nothing” nature of the program. 


How To Get Started

Steps to follow to enroll in a course in the Math X Program:

  • All math students at LPC must take a mandatory Placement Exam in order to enroll in a Math Class (except for students enrolling in Math 107 or 71)
  • Ideally, enroll online in the course section you would like to attend (based on your preference regarding dates, times, instructor, etc.)
  • Go to the first meeting of class you are enrolled in or would like to enroll in.  If you miss the first day, come to the Math X Classroom (Room 607) as soon as you can!  Students can be added into a Math X course late, as long as it is before LPC’s Census Date.
  • Go through the Math X Orientation.   See an Instructional Assistant in room 607.
  • Take the Orientation Quiz.
  • Set up a Blackboard Account.  Blackboard allows you to access all the information specific to your course, including HW, target Test Dates, Announcements, etc.
  • Follow instructions on your Course Syllabus and Task Sheet!  Never hesitate to ask your instructor, the instructional assistant or take advantage of the many FREE serves LPC has to offer in order to the get the support and help you need!!


Special Registration Issues

  • Adding a module-  If you want more units or are receiving veteran’s benefits or financial aid, you may add additional modules in the same semester after you complete the first module.  See your Instructional Assistant for a Late Add card when this additional module is completed.  Submit the Late Add card to A&R and pay any applicable fees in order to receive a grade for the module.
  • Decision to Withdraw-  If you decide to “W”, all your successful chapter exams will stay active for one year from course registration until you return to finish the remaining chapters of the module.  If you exceed the one year timeline, you will be required to repeat all chapters of the module.
  • Repeating a module- When your grade is “No Credit” or less than “C”, you have not mastered the material and must repeat the entire module before going on to the next module.

College Policies (See the catalog for more information):

  • Withdrawal: Per Las Positas College policy as stated in the college catalog, students are responsible for officially withdrawing from classes by the deadline date listed in the current Class Schedule. There is no automatic withdrawal process. Failure to follow the proper withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of “F”.  Also note that the instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. In addition, an instructor may initiate a drop if the student is absent for a total of four (4) consecutive or six (6) cumulative instructional hours and/or two (2) consecutive weeks of instruction.
  • Read and observe any posted Class-Web, Blackboard and classroom announcements.

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Page last modified: December 03, 2014