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Coaches Nate Frost, Geoff Aguiar, Paul Sapsford, Ramiro Rodriquez, and Lawrence Aguiar

All Coast Conference Awards 2010

Gerardo Garcia, Center Midfield, Freshman, #6

Gerardo Garcia Center Midfield Freshman #6

Luis Rocha, Midfield, Sophomore, #10

Luis Rocha, Midfield, sophomore, number 10


John Torquato, Midfield/Back, Freshman, #16

John Torquato, Midfield/Back, Freshman, number 16

Robbie Pense, Supporting Back, Freshman, #13

Robbie Pense, supporting Back, Freshman, number 13


Rodrigo Anaya
soccer player

Edgar Santana
Edgar Santana, Midfield, Freshman #5

Max Andrade
soccer player

Adrian Delgado
Adrian Delgado


Coach Aguiar giving out award at banquet

Awards Banquet 2010

Team Captain
Nestor Negrete
Luis Roche
Edgar Santana
Presented by M. Aguiar
Most Improved
Alejandro Bueno
Presented by G. Smyth
Most Inspirational
George Gutierrez Presented by J. Cardinal
Most Valuable Player

Gerardo Garcia (Total Offensive & Defensive Play)

Presented by Lawrence Aguiar
Most Valuable Offensive Player
Rodrigo Anaya (Unselfish Play) Presented by Lawrence Aguiar
Most Valuable Defensive Player
John Torquato Presented by Lawrence Aguair
Student-Athlete Academic Award
Nicholas Navarini (3.78 GPA) Presented by Lawrence Aguair
Goal of the Year
John Torquato (Ohlone) (Get Own Throw in Dribble to Score) Presented by Lawrence Aguair
Defensive Play of the Year
Dale Nelson (3 PK's) Presented by Lawrence Aguair
Coaches Award
Nestor Negrete Presented by Lawrence Aguair

Francesco's Italian Restaurant in Oakland
April 8, 2011

Athletes sitting at banquet table
Athletes enjoying a great dinner at Francesco's.

Captain Negrete Santana
Captain Negrete Santana

Carlos Casares
Carlos Casares

Kyle Foreman
Kyle Foreman

Max Andrade
Max Andrade

Coach Aguiar, Robbie Pense, and Coach Rodriquez
Coach Aguiar, Robbie Pense, and Coach Rodriquez

Nicholas Navarini and Coach Aguiar
Coach Rodriquez, Nicholas Navarini, and Coach Aguiar

On the Field

Soccer game
Garardo Garcia making a through pass to Rodrigo Anaya

soccer game
Robbie Pense making a throw to the top of the box

soccer game
Robbie Pense passing to a outside winger

Night game at Las Positas
Night game at Las Positas
Rodrigo Anaya

Night game at las positas
Max Andrade

Athlete kicking the ball
Max Andrade

soccer game
Adrian Delgado

soccer game
Adrian again
socer game
And again
soccer game
And again with Gerardo Garcia

Men beat Skyline 2-0
LPC Express
Andre Principe

After a well-fought match that resulted in a tie against Feather River, Las Positas College came out again on their home field against Skyline College looking for a better result.On Friday, Sept. 24, LPC beat Skyline by the final score of 2-0. After getting off to a slow start, LPC managed to score two goals in the last half to secure a victory on their home field. The game started with LPC attacking. They kept the ball moving and it seemed like they picked up with the same intensity that they had towards the end of the last game.After a few minutes however, LPC's Midfielder Rodrigo Anaya had to leave the game due to a twisted ankle. The move slowed LPC's tempo and it balanced the possession of the ball. Anaya returned to the pitch later in the first half, but Skyline had already settled down. It wasn't until the 30th minute that LPC got their first opportunity to score when LPC's midfielder Gerardo Garcia headed a ball right over the crossbar. The first half ended, and both teams needed to change their game plan if they wanted to conquer a win."In the second half, we changed our formation," said LPC's Midfielder Nicholas Navarini. "The coaches told us to have more movement and possession." The modifications seemed to pay off as LPC's center mid Gerardo Garcia shot a ball from outside the box that impacted the crossbar. The ball rebounded towards the middle of the box and LPC's Midfielder Nicholas Nararini shot it into the net to give LPC a 1-0 lead."(I was thinking) that's my moment," Nararini said in laughter. "I better not mess up." After the ball, LPC started to possess the ball more. Coach Aguiar started subbing in fresh people in to keep control of the game.Just when everyone thought the game was over with less than two minutes to go, LPC started a break away. With good passes and teamwork, the play resulted in a goal by Rolando Rodriguez to give LPC a 2-0 lead that would end up being the final score.

2009/2010 LPC Men's Soccer Team


All Coast Conference Awards 2009

1st Team all Coast Conference
Felix Luna
Garrett Clark

2nd Team All Coast Conference
Jorge Lopez
Luis Rocha

Honorable Mention All Coast Conference
Kevin Thomas
Pedro Naranjo
Cedric Kenfack
Rolando Rodriguez


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