Congratulations to Men's Soccer Team 2014

Coast Conference North Division Winners 2014

Team Photo with Alumni 2014

Congratulations to Ryan Gollott and Everardo Aguilar Received Players of the Year North Division 2014

Ryan Gollott - Defensive Player of the Year 2014 North Division

Ryan Gollott Defensive Player of the Year 2014

Everardo Aguilar - Forward Player of the Year 2014 North Division

Everardo Aguilar Forward Player of the Year North Division

Congratulations to Men's Soccer Team 2013

First Team All Coast Conference North Division 2014

Oscar Armenta

Oscar Armenta Photo 2014

First Team All Coast Conference North Division 2014

Efrain Bonilla

Efrain Bonilla Photo 2014

First Team All Coast Conference North Division 2014

Jonathan Orozco

John Orozco Photo 2014

Coast Conference North Division Champions 2013

  • 1Team Champions Photo 2013
  • 2Collage Barry Russell Photo 2013
  • Coach Aguiar Coach Rodriguez Playoff Hartnell
  • Coach Aguiar McNeill Cabrill
  • Coach Aguiar Nolasco Cevallos Practice
  • Coach GAguiar Coach Rodriguez
  • Coach GAguiar Group Session
  • Coach GAguiar Hilltop Look Practice
  • Coach GAguiar JCarriedo Chabot
  • Coach GAguiar Rodriguez West Valley
  • Coach Guzman GK Chabot
  • Coach Rodrigues JCarriedo Torres Merced
  • Gomez Orozco OShaug BFread Madruga Santa Rosa
  • Gonzalez Cortes Sanchez Andrade Sprints
  • Group Anella Merced
  • Group Bulilan OShaugh Perdoza Gavilan
  • Group Canada
  • Group Chalk Talk Practice
  • Group Chalk
  • Group Coach Rodriguez Gavilan
  • Group Half Talk Chabot
  • Group Half Talk Mission
  • Group Half Time Playoff Hartnell
  • Group Half Time Talk Chabot
  • Group Heading to Gym
  • Group Instruction Session 3
  • Group Jogging Cool Down
  • Group Moment Silence Alumni
  • Group Moving Goal 2
  • Group Practice
  • Group Pre Game Chabot
  • Group Pre Game Merced
  • Group Pre Talk Practice
  • Group Pre Warm Up 2
  • Group Pre Warm Up
  • Group RAMBO
  • Group Running Hill Coach
  • Group Sprints Up Hill
  • Group Start Game  Playoff Hartnell
  • LPC2014Commencement11
  • LPC2014Commencement114
  • LPC2014Commencement115
  • Team Travel Dress Up  Santa Rosa
  • Team Travel Dress Up 1 Skyliine
  • Team Uniform Players 2013 2
  • Trophy Coaches 1
  • Trophy Frosh 1
  • Trophy Sophs 1
  • Trophy Team Sun 1
  • Trophy Team
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Coast Conference Men's Soccer All-League Selections, 2013...

Defender of the Year = Jesus Carriedo


Goalkeeper of the Year = Douglas McNeill


First Team Selections = Douglas McNeill, Jesus Carriedo, Oscar Armenta, Efrain Bonilla

Oscar Armenta  


Efrain Bonilla


Second Team Selections = Ryan Gollott, Jonathan Orozco, Miguel Madruga, Rafael Perdoza Rafael Perdoza Miguel Madruga

 Jonathan Orozco Ryan Gollott

Ryan Gollot


Honorable Mention = Marcus Salvador, Christian Cortes, Adalberto Parrarodriguez

The coaching staff was awarded Coaches of the Year 2013 = Ramiro Rodriguez, Geoffrey Aguiar, Nate Frost and Lawrence Aguiar



Meet the team....

Dennis Andrade


Oscar Armenta


Efrain Bonilla


Christian Bulilan


Francisco Carriedo


Jesus Carriedo

Carriedo J

Sebastian Cevallos


Christian Cortes


Erik Flores


Brandon Fread


Kevin Fread

K Fread

Daniel Georgiyesh


Ryan Gollot


Steven Gonzalez


Javier Hernandez


Nicholas Katsareilis


Adrian Lopez


Miguel Madruga


Anthony Martinez


Dougie Black


Michael Milland


Gabriel Morfin


Marco Nolasco


Jacob Olejnik


Jonathan Orozco


Scott O'Shaughnessey


Adalberto Parra-Rodriguez


Rodolfo Pelayo


Rafael Perdoza


More student-athletes coming soon...

Coast Conference Central Division Players of the Year 2012

Cody Hoster - Transferring to Sacramento State University, Central Division Coast Conference Forward of the Year 2012

 Douglas McNeill Continues with Second Year for The Hawks, Central Division Coast Conference Goalkeeper of the Year 2012

The Coast Conference Men’s Soccer Awards were given to the following Las Positas College players.

2012 First Team All Coast Conference: Gerardo Garcia, Andres Plascencia, Cody Hoster, Douglas McNeill

Second Team All Coast Conference: Edgar Santana        Jesus Carriedo   Juan Meza                Rafael Perdoza    

mens soccer

Scroll down for photos of 2012 roster....

Alfredo Rocha

Alfredo Rocha


Andres Plascencia



Andrew Gomez



Camilo Riveros



Christian Cortes



Cody Hoster



Colton Portela



Daniel McNeil



Darren Sanchez



David Lopez



David Perez



Douglas McNeil



Edgar Santana



Francisco Carriedo






Ian Newberry



Jacob Torres



Jesus Carriedo



Joshua Tavares



Juan Cisneros



Juan Meza



Julio Gomez



Luke Blasi



Miguel Espindola



Miguel Orozco



Navid Arghandiwal



Patrick Taylor



Rafael Pedroza



Ricardo Espindola



Ricardo Gutierrez



Scott O'Shaughnessey



Ulises Moreno




FROM 2011 SEASON.........

Playing in the Sophomore Bowl this past season Silvano Lopez impressed many four year colleges. To play in the Sophomore Bowl a student/athlete must have a 2.50 grade point average or higher and be eligible to transfer to a four year college. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SILVANO'S ACHIEVEMENT


The Coast Conference Men’s Soccer Awards were given to the following Las Positas College players at the conclusion of the 2011 season:

Silvano Lopez - First Team All Coast Conference: 


Andres Plascencia - First Team All Coast Conference: 


Josue Macias - Second Team All Coast Conference:


Christian Gonzalez - Second Team All Coast Conference


Kyle Foreman - Honorable Mention All Coast Conference


Alessandro Tilli - Honorable Mention All Coast Conference


Jon Hoeksema - Honorable Mention All Coast Conference




Men's Soccer Team with Mascot

On Thursday, Nov. 10, our college mascot, The Hawk, made his official debut at the basketball kick-off game for the Las Positas College Tipoff Classic. He also stopped his flight to pose with the Men's Soccer team.


Larry Aguiar, Dean Miller, Hawk, and Geoff Aguiar

Coach Geoff Aguiar, The Hawk, Dean Miller, and Coach Lawrence Aguair.
Hawk and Men's Soccer players

Gerardo Garcia and Kyle Wein


2011 Men's Soccer Team

Men's Soccer Silly picture

Team Pictures

Men's Soccer Team picture

11/16/11 Awards

Hi All
The Coast Conference Men's soccer coaches meet last night to award the conference players awards.

The following players for the Las Positas Hawks were recognized:

First Team All Coast Conference: Andres Plascencia
Silvano Lopez

Second Team All Coast Conference: Christian Gonzalez
Josue Macias

Honorable Mention: Gabriel Rissato
Kyle Foreman
Jon Hoeksema
Alessandro Tilli

Congratulations Las Positas Hawks.
Coach Aguiar

Men's Soccer team picture

Santa Rosa September 6, 2011


Final Game of the Season against Chabot College

Hi All!
Our final game of the Las Positas College Men’s 2011 season was played Friday 11-11-11 at the Chabot College soccer field. It was a great game and evenly played. The final score was 3 to 1 in favor of Chabot. Scoring the first goal for the LPC Hawks was Kyle Wein who was assisted by Gabriel Rissato. The second goal was scored by Salvador Andrade who was assisted by Julio Gomez.

A big thank you to Mr. Carlo Vecchiarelli, one of our board members, who was in attendance cheering for both teams. He was so supportive that when it started to rain and most spectators ran for cover, Mr. Carlo Vecchiarelli stayed right out there. We appreciate your support Mr. Vecchiarelli.

Thanks for the support this year. The LPC Hawks will be doing a fund raiser this year to pay for their practice uniforms. I will have more information on that for those of you who can help.

Thanks, Coach Aguiar


Game against Evergreen College 10/5/11

Hi All! Well, how do I tell you about a great day and game the men's soccer team had Wednesday! I will try! First we began the day by being invited to the town meeting to meet the faculty, administration and staff. The soccer team really enjoyed doing this. They were excited to be there and introduce themselves to the college. After that we went straight to the soccer field to get ready for the game against Evergreen College. It was a great game. We played very well and almost tied the game at the 85th minute. Evergreen won 3 to 1. But up until the very last play it was 2 to1 Evergreen. The men's soccer team was pressing the Evergreen (Hawks too) and just could not put a goal in, and believe it, we were playing the last 18 minutes with only 10 players on the field. Nicholas Navarini received a double yellow, first one for fouling a player needlessly and the second for talking back to the referee. Two yellows results in being removed from the game with a Red Card. I know if we had eleven players on the field we would have scored and tied the game up. The Evergreen team scored on the very last play of the game because we were all up and attacking the opponent’s goal. Almost worked with 10 players we had about six close shots on goal in the last 5 minutes of the contest. No, the referee was not to blame for this loss. The officials did a great job of keeping the players in control. The men's soccer team never quit and played with great determination and composer, well, except for Navarini. Thanks for the support. Coach Aguiar

PS Friday we play Mission College, you know, this is where our past Dean took the job as their new president. Oh! Yes, we want to beat them. Will keep you posted!


Game against Mission College 10/7/11

Hi All! We did it! We won over Mission College (President Laurel Jones). The men's soccer team drilled well the past few days on shooting on goal under pressure and in quick movement. Also on passing the ball quickly in the opponent’s goal area. It worked. We won 5 to 1. The following are the players’ stats for the Mr. Taylors in the interest area. We started out quickly be scoring in the first 15 minutes of the game setting the pace for the game. Second score came about 10 minutes later and from that point on, the LPC men's soccer team never looked back. They played the best team organized futbol to date. It was a pleasure to watch almost everyone improve from previous games with the errors being made. We really minimized our turn over’s and our passing the ball to the opponents so often. The game proved to bond the players closer together while allowing everyone to take part in the game. Only one injury occurring in the game, a sprained ankle by Darren Sanchez. The following are the players’ stats for the Mr. Taylors in the interest area:

LPC 5 Mission 1 at Santa Clara

Score for LPC: 1 Goal Salvador Andrade Assist Andreas Placencia
2 Goal Andrew Dang Assist Will send later
3 Goal Luis Alvarez Assist Josue Macias
4 Goal William Kessler Assist Will send later
5 Goal Ben Jackson Josue Macias

GK: Allesandro Tilli 45 Minutes 2 Saves GA 0
Allex Ruiz 45 Minutes 2 Saves GA 1

Coach Aguiar

PS Thanks to all of you for the good words and thoughts about the team.

Game with Cabrillo College 10/11/11

Hi All! The Men's Soccer Hawks traveled to Aptos, Cabrillo College for a 7:00pm night game. Santa Cruz weather prevailed. It was a fantastic evening, no jackets required and the sky was clear over the field. The Hawks performed very well, holding their own until the last 15 minutes where we broke down mentally. Giving up two uncontested goals in those last minutes of the game. Score ended up 5 for Cabrillo College and 1 for the Hawks. The score was 3 to 1 and the Hawks were playing very well looking for the tie at this point. The problem with the play was that Cabrillo College had a goalkeeper that just played outstanding the whole game, not making one mistake for 90 minutes. Truly incredible and not seen very often at the two year college level. The score for the Hawks came from Josue Macias who receive an excellent pass in the middle of the attacking third from a the outside, keeping great composure and excellent technique to score on the Cabrillo goalkeeper. Yes, no error on the keepers part. It was just one of those great goals that no one can stop. Well placed near the side goal bar, the place keepers can not get to. The Hawks need some work on the defending part of the game. Much work to be done in the next two training sessions. Also, needed mention here is the fact that our player Silvano Lopez was taken out of the game with a mild neck contusion. He was fine and ready to go back and play, but we, Coach Aguiar, has a rule that when a player at Las Positas College Men's soccer come out injured he does not go back and play. Safety issue! Players are always ok to play a game and will do whatever they can to get back in and help the team out and play. Well, who wouldn't, they train all week for those precious moments of playing different colleges. Coach Aguiar

Hawks Win home games against Monterey College 11/18/11

Hi All! Las Positas Men's Soccer Hawks came up with a big win over Monterey College with a score of 2 to 1. The scores for the Hawks were, Andreas Plascencia with a great free kick around a six man wall putting the ball near post in back of the net. The second goal was a very good individual play by Josue Macias who dribbling between and by three Monterey players to score a great goal under the goalkeeper arms. Giving the ball to Macias for a very good assist were Kyle Foreman and Christopher Gonzalez. The game was even at half with no score for either side. Although the LPC Hawks certainly had the better play getting about 10 good shots on the opponent’s goal. The second half was also dominated by the LPC Hawks with a couple of good goals at the 63rd minutes of the game and at the 76 minutes. Leading 2 to 0 the Hawks went into lazy playing style and gave up a goal with a missed on the six yard box. Monterey took advantage of the mistake and sent the ball high to a player back post for an easy head shot. Alleandro Tilli, the LPC Hawks goalkeeper almost blocked it, great effort in trying to keep Monterey College from scoring. The Hawks were very well organized and played like a team for most part of the match. Great coaching moments came to coach Geoffrey Aguiar and Coach Paul Sapsford at half time when the game the LPC Hawks a new attacking and defending strategy at half time. Half time in soccer is the only time a coach can really make a difference in organizing and getting the players back on track during the very fast pace game. No time outs in soccer as most of you know. Coach Aguiar

Game with Gavilan College 10/28/11

Hi All! The game Friday against Gavilan College was very exciting. We took the lead about 16 minutes into the game and were the stronger team throughout the 90 minutes. Not to belly-ache but the referee game the Gavilan Rams a free penalty kick for a player taking a dive. Well, no sweat, I thought because we were dominating the game and would probably get a couple of more goals. When Gavilan player took the dive our players were so mad that they got off their game and fell to the opponent’s level and started to play individual soccer. I know you remember me telling you a few games back that we need to play team soccer, which we did and were. Also, after the Gavilan Rams took and made the free penalty kick, they got more confident that they could play with the LPC Hawks. It is not that the Gavilan Rams played with the LPC Hawks; it was that the LPC Hawks got off their game plan and let the opponents play. This was the most frustrating game this year, not only because we lost focus but because the LPC Hawks allowed the referee and Gavilan Rams get the best of the LPC Hawks. Anyway, in the second half it became a kick game with very little international style of play and the Gavilan Rams came up with a pin ball action goal to their favor. Scoring for the LPC Hawks was Christopher Gonzales with the assist going to Gianni Pagliuca. As you can see, it’s taken me three days to get over the game and move on to the next match which will take place at Las Positas Campus on Tuesday night at 6:30pm. Coach Aguiar

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