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Canvas non-instructional uses

Aside from using Canvas with LPC classes, it can also be used for two other purposes: non-instructional courses and Canvas Commons Groups.


Non-instructional course: a course to post information and, possibly, for users to communicate. This is not an official LPC course. Typical uses include work within committees, task forces, departments, and Student Services areas.

Canvas Commons Groups: a group that allows easy sharing of instructional materials within the instructional classes of group members. Typical uses include academic departments that want to share assignments, quizzes, and documents with all instructors in their department.


  1. If you want to be able to post information and EASILY share instructional materials within classes, you cannot do this in Canvas; you have to choose one of the two uses above. The best you can do is request a non-instructional course, and when instructors want to use materials in their classes, they will have to download those materials to their computers, then upload them into their classes. In Commons Groups, the sharing of materials is seamless.
  2. You can migrate a non-instructional course from Blackboard into a non-instructional course in Canvas, but you cannot migrate from Blackboard to a Commons Group. It is your responsibility to migrate your course. View instructions (begin at step 7).
  3. Whether you use a non-instructional course or a Commons Group, you will be also be responsible for adding users. You will have the ability to give users regular access or elevated access. The Canvas system administrator will NOT be doing these tasks for you. You will be sent instructions on how to do this, and this step will be included during specialized trainings.
  4. Make your request by clicking the link below. The person making the request will be given instructor access.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017