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If you are considering enrolling in an online or hybrid course, or if you are already enrolled in one and you’re struggling and want some personal help, you can contact an LPC counselor.

Are you considering an online or hybrid course? Already enrolled in one and want some tips for success? Already enrolled in one, but you’re struggling?

Whatever the case, you can always contact an LPC counselor for help.

LPC counselors are available to discuss any concerns related to your academic progress, including the following:

  • Help with determining if an online course is right for you
  • Assistance and support for class and personal difficulties
  • Advice for succeeding in online and hybrid courses, such as time and stress management strategies
  • Information and resources on courses, degree requirements, career opportunities

You can make an appointment with a counselor by emailing, calling 925.424.1400, or coming to Building 700 on campus.

Here are some scenarios in which you might want to contact a counselor before you enrolling in an online or hybrid course:

  • You have added an online course on top of a normal full-load of face-to-face courses
  • You have taken less than 21 units of college credit in your lifetime
  • You have a GPA under 2.0
  • You have already failed an online course

Here are some scenarios in which you might want to contact a counselor while you are taking a course:

  • You meet any of the criteria above
  • You do not log into the class during the first week of the semester
  • You do not log into class more than once or twice a week
  • You add a class after the semester begins
  • You juggle too many activities outside of school
  • You are not involved much in the class (in chat rooms, discussion threads, sending emails, etc.)
  • You turn in work late
  • You do not immediately respond to emails

Below are some helpful links:

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Page last modified: October 12, 2017