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Some instructors require students to purchase an access code that unlocks digital resources required for the class. These resources will then become available either within Blackboard or on the textbook publisher's web site. Most instructors, however, do not require an access code.

Should your instructor require one, students typically have some options on how to purchase it (these differ according to the publisher):

  • The code often comes shrinkwrapped with a new text, or
  • It might be purchased separately from a used text at the bookstore, or
  • It might be purchased separately on the publisher web site with a credit card.

Either way, you should purchase the access code at or near the same time you purchase the text. If you don't purchase the code, you could jeopardize your chances of getting a good grade in the class.

Keep in mind, too, that, depending on your class, you might not even have to purchase the text; you can just purchase the code. In this instance, the code will give you access to an electronic book (ebook) that you can read online on your computer or your mobile device.

An example is MyMathLab, which is used by LPC's Math department. Learn more about MyMathLab at LPC.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017