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HIST 8 - U.S. History Post-Reconstruction

Instructor: TeriAnn Bengiveno
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Course Description

A survey of United States history from 1877 to the present with a special emphasis on the interaction amongst and the experiences of diverse racial/ethnic (African Americans, European Americans, Native Americans, Chicano/Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and Middle Eastern Americans), gender and socioeconomic groups in American history.

To take this class, you must have daily access to a computer with an Internet connection and experience using a web browser. You will also need to utilize your college Zonemail account. Learn more about Zonemail.

Check the college catalog for CSU/UC transferability and to see if this course meets AA/AS degree requirements.

The instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. The first meeting of online or hybrid Distance Education courses is the first day of the class as specified in the class schedule listing. For these courses, instructors may drop students who do not log into their Blackboard course and/or complete indicated activities by the third day of classes. DE instructors may drop students if they have not submitted work and/or accessed the class for two consecutive weeks.

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This class begins Jan 19 and ends May 27.

On-Campus Meetings

There are no required on-campus meetings for this class. You can attend an OPTIONAL, on-campus orientation to Online Learning on Jan 13 from 1 - 2:30 pm or Jan 14 from 5:30 - 7 pm in Room 2410. A virtual session will be offered on the Internet on Jan 19 from 5:30-7 pm. Learn more about these orientations, which are NOT course-specific.

How This Class Operates

There are nine quizzes and two exams to complete in this class. There are two deadlines: By the first deadline, you will read Chapters 16-21 in the text, complete quizzes, and complete the Midterm Exam. By the second deadline, you will read Chapters 22-28 in the text, complete quizzes, and complete the Final Exam You need highly effective reading comprehension skills to do well in this course. You should also be able to learn independently.

Class Activities

The quizzes are like homework. You can print them out in advance. Do your reading and look for the answers. Once you have completed the quiz on paper, you can go back into the quiz online and submit your answers. You can go into the quizzes more than once. But you can only take the quiz one time. There is no time limit on the quizzes.

Exams can be completed at any time prior to the exam deadlines. Once you open an exam you will have a limited time to complete the exam.

How Students are Graded

A (90% of available points)
B (80% of available points)
C (70% of available points)
D (60% of available points)
F (less than 60% of available points)

Succeeding in an Online Course

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Also, don't enroll in this class if you believe the myth that learning online requires less effort than learning face-to-face. This course covers the same content and has similar activities as the face-to-face version of the course; only the method of delivery changes.

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This course will use the Blackboard course management system as its virtual classroom. To learn how to log in to Blackboard, go to the Blackboard Login Procedures page. Once you enroll, you will not be able to log in until the first day of class.

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